“We find inspiration in the people who want to promote their businesses better by using relevant content”

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The content marketing has a series of very relevant characteristics for a brand communication, reason for which even Seth Godin names it “the only marketing left”: authentic, unique, efficient and perfectly calibrated for the digital generation. A trend that is impossible to be ignored. And a trend that is fully represented at WeContent, the biggest conference of content marketing in Romania that will take place this week, 7-8th November, at Bucharest, Baneasa Shopping City Grand Cinema & More.

AdHugger talked with Constantin Stanciu, Founder WeContent, and found out more. 

AdHugger.net: How is this year’s edition different then the previous one in terms of concept /idea/ execution? 

The first year was a great beginning for us, but it was just that: the beginning. We tested the market and had feedback that WeContent was both a useful and entertaining event. People wanted to come back. So this year we wanted to build on that, but go bigger and better. So we focused out attention on international speakers: who are some of the best international experts in content marketing and how can we get them to Bucharest? We were ambitious and the 2019 lineup shows it. We have some of the biggest names in the field on stage and we grew our audience by 50%. All this of course meant a bigger risk and investment, but the conference quality is worth it.

AdHugger.net: Where do you find the inspiration for it?

The inspiration came from a series of entrepreneurial events we were organizing before WeContent. Talking to entrepreneurs every day, we noticed a need to know more about content marketing, but also a lack of quality information and dedicated events. Generally, we find inspiration in the people who want to promote their businesses better by using relevant content, but don’t know where to start or how to proceed. We want to help them, give them the tools and knowledge they need and create a community of specialists that can help each other all year long.

AdHugger.net: What are your goals for this year’s edition? 

Our goal is to have a full-house of content creators, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs – that means 450 participants. And we want to set a new standard for WeContent: one of the most important and relevant content marketing events in Romania, but not only. We looked at the European market and there are few events like ours. So we’re hoping to have a successful event this year and use it as a foundation for growing even further.

AdHugger.net: Who is your target and how do you reach it?

We target marketing, communication and PR specialists, copywriters and content writers, vloggers, bloggers and influencers, SEO specialists and entrepreneurs. Basically, everyone who is involved in the content creation and distribution process and who could benefit from content marketing. We reach them primarily through social media, as they are an active and social media savvy group, but also through word of mouth. Quality speaks for itself and that’s why we put a lot of effort into selecting speakers and creating an overall great experience.

AdHugger.net: What are your criteria for choosing the speakers? (and content marketing)

First of all, we wanted to have people with recognized expertise in content marketing, who have been working with global brands, have proven results and can share valuable lessons with the audience. Second of all, we tried to choose people who have diverse experiences and focuses, so we could give participants a complete look at the content marketing picture. Thirdly, because we are asking people to pay attention for many hours, we wanted people who are good public speakers and who can create memorable performances. Performance is not just about the show, but about getting your message across, and we want people to leave with their notebooks full of key lessons.

AdHugger.net: Tell us more about your selection this year. 

We have speakers from the US, UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Romania. Jay Baer is one of the most important names in content marketing globally and a great speaker, so we were thrilled to book him. Jon Wuebben is also a very experienced professional and we’re looking forward to his insights about the future of marketing. SEO is also a hot topic, so we’ll have Marcus Tober, one of Europe’s greatest experts in the field teach us how to get rid of old SEO habits. Carlijn Postam was named Content Marketing Woman of the Year in 2017 and she has an original approach on content marketing, learning from the likes of Netflix. Sonja Jefferson was one of the most appreciated speakers last year, so we just had to bring her back. AJ Huisman has great insights to offer for B2B marketers and he’s also a veteran when it comes to content marketing events. Vali Pintilescu will teach us how to build a community, after helping grow one of the most successful YouTube channels from Central and Eastern Europe. Not least, our MC and closing keynote speaker is Jon Burkhart and he’s just going to steal the show. He’s an amazing speaker and performer and you just have to see him to understand it.

AdHugger.net: Everybody is talking about the power of content nowadays. How do you see it reflected in your event?

That is what out event is all about: the power of content. We use content to promote our event – and have been using it to promote our activities for a long time, so we know it works. Our speakers know it works. And we’re pretty sure our participants know it too, or they wouldn’t be here. But we can all learn to use it better – as creators and consumers, and be more relevant in an age when people are flooded with huge amounts of information, many times irrelevant or even false.

AdHugger.net: What does a good piece of content represent for you and why?

A good piece of content is useful and relevant. It educates, informs or entertains. It’s about what the person needs, not what the brand wants to sell.

AdHugger.net: How do you see the business events’ market in Romania and why? 

We see more and more events happening every year. People have understood the need for quality information, the need to meet experts and learn, and the need to be part of communities. Events like this help with all that by bringing people with the same interests in the same room and getting them to share information for a couple of days. So we’re happy to see more and more initiatives and events happening. It helps everyone grow.

AdHugger.net: What is your vision for the event and where do you want to take it in the next years? 

We want to become the most important content marketing event in the region and, why not, Europe.

AdHugger.net: What are the main challenges of organizing such an event and how have you surpassed them? 

There are many challenges because there are many moving parts. When is the best time to organize it? Does it overlap with similar events or with people’s holidays? Who are the best speakers and how can we create a good and interesting mix of experiences? Finding the right sponsors and partners, convincing them of your vision, is always resource-consuming. When you have an outline of the event, it’s time to start promoting it and convincing people to give you their hard earned money and to choose you over other similar events. Then the event comes and you have to make sure everyone is coordinated and everything happens on time. It’s very easy to spot mistakes when all eyes are focused on the stage and something goes wrong. There are many, many details that must be taken care of for the event to go well. Our previous experience organizing events definitely helped. We made some mistakes and will probably make others. But we learn, ask for feedback and hopefully create events that are better and better.

AdHugger.net: What are the biggest pros of such an event on the Romanian market?

It’s the only event dedicated to content marketing of this level: hundreds of participants and international speakers. The biggest pro is that it gives the audience the chance to interact with some great minds and learn from people who are way ahead of the Romanian market. Then, participants have the opportunity to network with people with similar interests, and that’s hard to find. Many successful collaborations started at last year’s event, from what we’ve heard. Then there’s the pro of just helping the local content marketing industry grow. We know companies are looking for skilled experts and experts are looking for companies willing to invest more in content marketing. Hopefully, we can help bridge that gap.