ROTHCO teamed up with Electric Ireland for an empowering new energy campaign

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ROTHCO, part of Accenture Interactive, teamed up with Electric Ireland for an empowering new energy campaign. Featuring legendary Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield, ‘We’re Brighter Together’ celebrates the power of the collective.

As environmental concerns grow, Ireland’s biggest energy supplier wanted to lead the country to a brighter future, demonstrating how we can all come together to make a positive change. The ‘We’re Brighter Together’ platform includes the Brighter Energy Programme that allows Electric Ireland to support the country’s power and positivity.

To launch the new platform, ROTHCO enlisted someone who had seen the energy of Ireland like no one else: Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield. In 2013, Hadfield tweeted images of Ireland that had been captured from the International Space Station, creating a moment of national pride. Accompanied with the message “Tá Éire fíorálainn” – Ireland is very beautiful – the images of the illuminated country sparked an instant connection with those back on Earth.

For Electric Ireland’s new campaign, Hadfield reconnects with his love of Ireland as the launch video depicts the astronaut on the International Space Station, looking down on the country below. Speaking of Ireland, he notes “it’s beautiful by day, but when it was lit up, that’s when I got to see something really special.” As we focus in on the country, the energy of Ireland is revealed through the everyday lives of its inhabitants. We see people coming together and acting together – something Hadfield believes has never been more important. As someone who represents technology at its most inspiring, being an advocate for sustainability as a responsibility we all share, Hadfield’s unique perspective and universally respected voice is vital.

‘We’re Brighter Together’ debuted on December 25th 2019 with a 60’ film for TV and cinema and will run across all channels with additional 30’ and 10’ executions. Following the campaign launch, Electric Ireland will launch its Brighter Energy Programme, an ongoing platform of educational content around energy awareness and use for all its customers. The Electric Ireland Brighter Energy Programme will offer customers practical advice, tips, and ‘how-to’ videos which will be released throughout the year and available online at the new ‘We’re Brighter Together Hub’. The energy provider will also track and publish bi-annually Ireland’s energy literacy with the release of the Electric Ireland Brighter Energy Research Tracker. OOH, press, digital, and social will all lead to the dedicated online where visitors can discover the collective effect of the changes they make.

As part of the Brighter Energy Programme, Electric Ireland is also launching its all-new 100% Green Electricity Price Plan – available to new and existing residential Electric Ireland customers later this month. This affordable plan underpins existing products and services, enabling Electric Ireland customers to make a positive change while retaining great value. Small and medium business customers will also be given the option to move to a Green Price Plan later this month as well.

Stephen Rogers, Creative Director at ROTHCO, comments:

“When we started on this brief it felt like we were going in search of the holy grail. A brand platform that would sit seamlessly across all the people, products and sponsorships that Electric Ireland has at the heart of their business and brand. In the new platform, ‘We’re Brighter Together’, we believe we’ve found something that perfectly encapsulates the brand and its unique position to communicate directly with over one million Irish homes and businesses about their energy. To help shape their collective energy habits for the greater good, now and into the future.”

Lisa Browne, Head of Marketing and Customer Insights at Electric Ireland comments:

“We’re Brighter Together” is reflective of our understanding of customer needs and our ambition to help and empower consumers to make small changes which reduce their energy usage and in turn deliver a brighter energy future. Given our customer base of over one million residential and business customers, we are in the unique position to make a significant difference if all of us make little changes. We are committed to providing our customers with the best value offerings on an on-going basis, while also working with our customers to make the changes to contribute to combatting climate change.”

Colonel Chris Hadfield comments:

“I’ve experienced two Space Shuttle missions, served as Commander of the International Space Station, as a fighter pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force, and as an engineer. In everything I’ve done throughout my career, there is one constant – collaboration. Electric Ireland’s Brighter Energy Programme puts power and knowledge into people’s hands, so together with their family, friends, colleagues and communities; the small changes can really make a positive impact. It’s true what they say, we are brighter together.”

Client: Electric Ireland

  • Head of Marketing & Customer Insights: Lisa Browne
  • Head of Marketing Communications: Sarah Moore
  • Campaign Manager: Lisa Buckley

Agency: Rothco | part of Accenture Interactive

  • Executive Producer: Jessica Derby
  • Executive Creative Director: Jen Speirs
  • Creative Director: Stephen Rogers
  • Senior Copywriter: James Pash
  • Finished Artist: Micky Hughes
  • Senior Account Manager: Aoife O’Shea
  • Business Director: Katie Oslizlok
  • Account Manager: Scott Lawless
  • Head of Strategy: Kathy Troy
  • Senior Strategist: Darius Pasalar
  • Media Connections Strategist: Joe Ronan
  • Photographer: Alex Sheridan
  • Photographer Retoucher: Sarah Sharkey
  • Music: Keith Kenniff

Production Company: Red Rage Films

  • Executive Producer: Paul Holmes
  • Head of Production: Treasa O’Friel
  • Director: Tomas Jonsgarden
  • Producer: Magnus Akerstedt
  • Director of Photography: Rasmus Videbeak

Post House: MPC London

  • Editor: Marcus Kryler
  • Post Production Supervisor: Dafydd Upsdell
  • VFX Supervisor: Lora Nikolaeva

Sound: 750mph London