Great Guns, Love Has No Labels and the Ad Council worked on a touching film that retells the enduring ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ parable

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There are few parables more iconic that of the ‘Good Samaritan’, teaching generations to love and respect those around them, regardless of their differences. Great Guns celebrates such a message in a touching new short in association with Love Has No Labels – a movement that promotes acceptance and inclusion of all people across race, religion, sexual orientation, age, and ability. Directed by Chris Neal, ‘Today You, Tomorrow Me’ is an emotionally resonant film that tells the story of two families who, despite their differences, come together when help is most needed.

The short tells the story of Mark, a father driving along an isolated road to see his ex-wife and daughter. After breaking down, Mark’s phone dies and he’s unable to change his tyre, asking for help from those passing by. Eventually, after he is ignored by many, he is approached by a Hispanic family who offers their help. Mark bonds with the family, communicating despite a language barrier and ultimately realising that there may be more that unites them than separates them.

Today You, tomorrow me from Great Guns on Vimeo.

Chris worked to gradually build the relationship between the two groups in the film – particularly the fathers – starting them out on opposite sides before intertwining them as the narrative progresses. Highlighting the intimacy and connection that comes with selfless sharing, Chris uses music (acoustic guitars and a charango), specific objects (a $20 bill, food), and language to build a relationship between the two distinct groups of people.

Speaking specifically of the $20 exchange, Chris notes:

“I wanted to showcase this ‘transactional love’ that we all seem to live out – ‘I’ll help you if you help me.’ Even in Mark’s conversation with his ex-wife, he’s trying to buy his family’s love. I love that the Hispanic family turns down any attempt to pay him back. You can trade or buy real love, it’s a gift that’s hard to come by. Transactional love is everywhere, but I think deep down we all desire a love that has no strings attached.”

Chris captured such authenticity by working closely with the cast of the film, casting extensively to find the ideal actors and working with Alex House (Mark) to create a space that the young actress, Andrea, could feel comfortable in. He also handled all art on the shoot, including vehicles and props. The team shot over three days, chasing the sun to perfectly frame the scenes in the golden hour before it set behind the mountains each night.

Great Guns Founder Laura Gregory and Executive Producer Thom Fennessey were immediately eager to get involved with the film. Subsequently the Great Guns team met with the Ad Council in New York – having extended the run of their previous Love Has No Labels short ‘RISING’ by David Nutter – and, after showing them Chris’ latest film, they immediately partnered with the production company for the release.

Executive Producer Thom Fennessey notes:

“When we saw the final film, it was so much more resonant and timely than even what had originally been on the page. ‘Today You, Tomorrow Me’ fits in perfectly with the themes and spirit of Love Has No Labels, inspiring unity and acceptance among all people – it’s an uplifting message in the current political climate. We couldn’t be prouder to share the work and the message.”

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Production Company: Great Guns
Director: Chris A. Neal
Writer: Chris Neal
Director of Photography: JP Summers
1st AC: Matt Hebert
Gaffer: Jarrod Wilson
Key Grip: Chris McAlister
Sound: Andrew Belcher
Editor: Glen Montgomery
Additional Edits: Chris Neal
Original Score: Kneelio
Sound Design & Mix: Christian Stropko
Executive Producers: Chris Neal, Cameron Trejo, Laura Gregory, Thom Fennessey
Producer: Chris Weatherly
Pursuit Vehicle: Reelbros Media
Vehicle Op: John Hebrank
Vehicle Assit: Alex Shreer
Production Assistants: Noah Glynn, Daynen Biggs, Adam Daley, Ryan Neal, Matt Magana

Alex House
Christopher Bustos
Elizabeth Selby
Andrea Carranza

Inspired by Justin Horner aka ‘rhoner’