Project Agora upgrades the experience of its Publisher interface, partners with global payments leader Payoneer 

Advertising, Digital & Media

Project Agora, a TDG Company, has entered the new year with a number of new features and enhancements for the 1,400 websites it currently supports.

The newly released ‘Partners Center’ is upgrading the publisher experience with an improved user interface, a powerful control center where local publishers can get valuable and actionable insights to help them maximize the value out of their every visitor.

An upgraded payments functionality is also included in partnership with global payments leader Payoneer, along with the selection of preferred payment method.

“The background work we have been doing during the last year, unlocks a tone of new features to provide publishers with even more insights, alerts and market benchmarks to make the right decisions for their business”, said Miltos Vlachogiannis, Project Agora’s Head of Product.

Project Agora launched in 2014 as a spin-off from one of the leading Digital Advertising & Marketing Technology groups in EMEA, ThinkDigital Group, with a vision to open up for local advertisers and media owners scalable and effective alternatives to grow their business.

Back then we code-named our vision “Laissez Faire Advertising” and we still fight the good fight of keeping the Open web Open.

Today, Project Agora is a VC backed, close to 100 people strong product and innovation led company which has become the Media Partner for Advertisers, Publishers and Retailers looking to expand their business in the fastest growing parts of EMEA.