How businesses can benefit of DAM software usage

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Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software is becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes. DAMs are designed to centralize all your content including images, videos, documents, infographics and much more.  

In a modern business world that is heavily dependent on multi-format content and lots of it, DAM makes perfect sense. Here are the benefits of using a DAM for your business.   

  1. Centralize Digital Assets

Photo by Kevin Ku from Pexels

A common issue in modern business is the effective storage and management of various content. We use thousands of different files all the time and they soon become lost in the matrix of our server or other software tools.  

DAM software helps resolve these issues by providing an all-in-one platform where any file type can be stored and quickly accessed with a powerful search tool. This can help to significantly reduce the amount of time employees spend looking for the content they need.  

Using a DAM, you can effectively sift through millions of files to find the exact one you need in a matter of seconds. This is all done through automated tagging that reads the file and applies the appropriate tags. 

Once the files are stored they can be managed, edited, shared, and even published all from within the software. Most DAM is also cloud-based meaning all key stakeholders are able to access the files from anywhere in the world on any device.  

  1. Automate Repetitive Tasks

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Data entry is a time consuming and sometimes full-time job. In order to keep your content organized it requires someone to sit at the computer and ensuring that content is properly filed and tagged.   

Some DAM’s include smart AI systems that automatically read your photos and apply the keywords for you. For example, if you have a photo of a family enjoying themselves in a park flying a kite, the software can automatically scan the photo and apply the following tags: “family” “outdoor” “park” “fun” “kite”.  

When it comes to a member of your team looking for the right photo for a future project they can enter keywords for what they are looking for and the software will find the best photo to use in seconds. This advanced business document management will help your team saves tons of time and boost productivity. 

You can also set your DAM Software to automate your work schedule, calendar management, file sharing, and update notifications on projects. This allows your team to become ultra-efficient in finding the content they need.  

  1. Superior Analytics

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DAM’s can help you to track an individual piece of content throughout its entire life cycle. This can help your team to evaluate how certain pieces of content perform in terms of creation time, collaboration time, approval time, and even performance once published. 

Advanced analytics allow you to refine your content management system and see where you can improve. This knowledge can then be applied to future projects and help with delivery estimations and costs.  

Some of the advanced DAM software can even continue to track your content after it’s been published allowing you to see insights in terms of views, clicks, interactions, issues with code, and even conversion rates. 

This all helps to streamline your content delivery system from start to end providing clients with a better service.  

  1. Easy Integration

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DAM’s can seamlessly integrate with all your favorite software, applications, and extensions. This gives you complete control over your content management all from one easy to use platform. No more jumping between software to work on one piece of content.   

For example, if you are creating a new website advert, it can be designed within the software using integration with Adobe suite, it can then be reviewed by other team members, comments left, re-edited, approved, and published all from one platform.  

This ability to manage your content in one place makes your team ultra-efficient in content creation, collaboration, and analysis. 

  1. Super Collaboration


DAM software allows all key stakeholders on any project to feel as if they work in the same office. Inside the software, users can collaborate in real-time on content speeding up the lifecycle of each project 

The latest revisions will never be missed as the software only ever gives you the latest version being worked on. If needed, you can quickly find previous versions at the click of a button to download, analyze, and share.  

DAM allows your business to run smoothly, efficiently, productively and makes you ultra-flexible and responsive. Clients and partner agencies can be given unique access controls to allow them to see current projects, check statuses, comment, and approve.