BestJobs study: 8 in 10 Romanian women sacrifice their rest to handle both work and family

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A study made by Romanian online recruiting platform BestJobs points out that 60% of Romanian women are spending between 2-6 hours handling duties related to house maintenance and family, while 80% are sacrificing their rest time and go to sleep late in order to deal with all their responsibilities

Moreover, 7 in 10 employed women say they eat on the run or skip meals and 93% say they sacrifice their personal passions to have enough time for their family.

Over half respondents to BestJobs’ study (51%) estimate they have top one hour a day to relax, while 11% say they don’t have any spare time just for themselves. A third of them say they could have about two hours a day for themselves, while¬†8,7% say they have 4 hours spare time a day.

The top of the most demanding activities working women must handle every day, besides their full time job, is leaded by preparing and serving the food (80%), cleaning (77%), shopping (33%), dishwashing (30%) and doing laundry and ironing¬† (28%). Taking care of the children is less demanding, only 15% considering demanding children’s homework and their extracurricular activities.

Women are feeling more intensely the weight of those added daily activities as only 35% say they divide them equally with their partner. Very few (under 5%) say the partner is the one taking over most of the extra duties. In 40% cases, the partner is handling a smaller part of those responsibilities, while 15% say they alone are fully responsible for handling those things.

Women are also the ones that get free days when children are sick or in holidays, 30% saying it is rare for their partner to do so and 25% that their partner never does that.

BestJobs realized the study between February 10 – March 2, on a sample of 718 women aged 18-55.