Aquafresh stickers white ad signs national railways

Advertising, Guerilla, Marketing

Toothpaste brand Aquafresh and Publicis Groupe claim white ad signs of the NS (National Railways) in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and The Hague in a witty and bold way. Due to a media conflict where NS didn’t tender their public Out Of Home advertisement spaces they were, by judicial decree, forbidden to use them commercially. This resulted in 5000 white spaces on all NS stations. Enter Aquafresh, who grasped this opportunity to bring a smile to the faces of all commuters.

The ad signs were operated by Exterion Media and Ngage Media. The French JCDecaux filed a lawsuit and won it, resulting in white spaces at all the stations and in all the ad locations. They remain this way as this press-release is written.

Aquafresh White & Shine does not only clean teeth, it also helps to make them whiter. So when over 5000 billboards are left empty and white, the perfect moment to put a smile on people’s faces is a fact.

In less than 24 hours we claimed over 1500 billboards, reaching 670.000 commuters. And because of broad media attention, another 400.000 people after the activation. And like Aquafresh White&Shine toothpaste the stickers left no residue. They were easily removed, leaving only the positive impact of this guerrilla activation.

Mischa Schreuder Creative Director Publicis Groupe Nederland:

“The empty signs at NS-stations, that millions of commuters pass daily, offered a unique opportunity for this guerrilla activation. Of course, our minds immediately went to our client Aquafresh when we were confronted with the white ad signs. Together we decided to bring a bit of humor to the stations.”

Janet Boonstra, Brandmanager Aquafresh:

“We appreciated the humorous idea Publicis presented to us by claiming this current affair that was sweeping the nation. Also, it fits Aquafresh to a T. Especially Aquafresh White& Shine that helps to get a whiter smile.”