Romanian IT start-up assists Romanian SMEs to implement work from home procedures

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The IT Tknos Start-up offered its support to Romanian SMEs who need fast access to a work from home environment for their employees, considering the Covid pandemic. Tknos offers free consultancy to establish the system and the procedures that apply.

Remote working is the first measure that must be implemented considering today’s epidemiological context in order to protect employees’ health and society as a whole and there is a clear legal frame that allows employers to implement remote working during this period. The big companies already made decisions in this direction, but SMEs who do not have procedures could face difficulties in establishing the processes and tech measures for running remote activities, that would insure their business continuity and access to IT specialists to offer them fast support in an impredictible context

 Irina Stoica,

co-founder Tknos.

Tknos will help with developing the plan for continuation of activity for SMEs, of the politics for remote working, supported by tech solutions suited to each company. The start-up will analyze fast the current way of working and develop the immediate migration plan towards the new remote working policy, proposing options for fast and efficient solutions, and, if considered needed, it will insure also the remote training for a key team within the company, in order to fast implement the needed systems.

The proposed solutions will focus either on tech made available for free by big producers or on “open source” solutions, where that is absolutely needed, so the costs to be minimal for the companies, in a moment when they need to create fast a safe and efficient work environment which is adapted to the actual context.

Tknos is a startup launch in the end of 2019, with experience in areas like IT consultancy, AI, automation and digital transformation, big data and eCommerce, both in Romania and internationally.