Romanian startup Gumzzz, building a metasearch engine for the dental healthcare industry, raised an investment of €100,000

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Gumzzz, the Romanian startup that will make dental care services and packages easily accessible to patients all over the world, has successfully closed a first round of financing of €100,000. Currently, the Cluj based startup is valued at €1 million. The investment comes from the business angel Stelian Bogza, co-founder of BenefitOnline

Patients who sign up before the 11th of May will receive a free consultation at any of the Romanian partner clinics from cities such as Bucharest, Cluj, Târgu Mureș or Baia Mare.

Gumzzz will solve problems for patients and dental clinics and dental offices alike, focusing on improving the medical healthcare services selection process, as well as providing dental insurance and financing solutions for patients.

Patients will have the possibility to select, for free, the most relevant dental clinic for their needs, based on transparent and validated reviews from other people. Also, the platform allows the patient to interact, in real-time, with the Gumzzz support department or with a designated person from the chosen dental facility. In addition, the platform provides the option to attach documents to be visualized and evaluated by the preferred dentist.

For clinics, Gumzzz creates a favorable digital context where they can build a relevant virtual presence through the account on the platform. Also, the clinics have the option to interact live with their patients, as well as having a clear overview of the appointments and potential cancellations. Moreover, the platform offers a manageable environment where clinics can list their offers being certain that these offers will reach the desired target group who can acquire them directly from the platform.

In the near future, the company will provide dental insurance and financing services for patients using the services of the clinics listed on the platform. Also, patients will have the option to pay online through the platform or directly to the chosen clinic, thus helping them keep a full overview of costs and dental procedures that can be accessed at any time in the user’s account on the platform.

Moreover, Gumzzz will offer its users relevant information regarding transportation to and from the desired location and accommodation in the city of choice, including about the tourist attractions in the respective area. Thus, the platform also includes the medical tourism component, and the patients have full control over their medical services, accommodation and transportation.

Gumzzz is a team of 15 professionals, consisting of programmers, marketing specialists, and dentists. The company is run by Vlad Șuteu, an entrepreneur from Cluj-Napoca with educational and professional experience in scaling companies in the UK and Denmark.

We have been working on Gumzzz for almost one year now and decided to launch the product during this challenging period because our product can help the medical industry in the current conditions. Gumzzz offers the opportunity to reduce interactions in the process of online reservations and provides a helping hand for patients who have dental emergencies and need to urgently find a nearby treatment facility. Therefore, we offer our support and infrastructure even before the official launch in May.

Gumzzz aims to solve a series of challenges in the dental industry, both for patients and clinics, thus increasing the level of digitalization within this sector. We want to empower patients to choose the services they need, being fully informed about their choice, in a transparent and fast way.

Talking about the future, we estimate that by the end of this year, the platform will include clinics from several countries we are currently in discussions with while attracting patients from other continents.

The investment is the result of a strong process behind which stands an experienced team of professionals and a series of people who became mentors to us

Vlad Suteu,

CEO and Co-Founder Gumzzz

Stelian Bogza, Angel Investor, adds:

I chose to invest in Gumzzz because I found at least three of the most successful business elements I believe in: a niche idea that also covers the real needs of the market almost anywhere in the world, an industry with great potential and, last but not least, a united team of professionals, which I think is 100% prepared to dedicate itself to come up with the best solutions that will help millions of people all over the world.

Gumzzz is a complex metasearch engine for the dental healthcare industry. The platform offers patients the opportunity to make online reservations, card payments, dental insurance and financing opportunities for dental work. Moreover, Gumzzz helps dental clinics present themselves in a professional manner without additional marketing costs, thus reaching patients worldwide.

Besides access to a global client market, the platform provides, for dental units, the opportunity to display their promotions and full list of services. Gumzzz also solves the issue of fake reviews as only patients who benefited from a dental service by using the platform can write reviews.