DRUID and SDL forge a tech partnership to make chatbots speak multiple languages simultaneously

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DRUID, specialized in developing chatbots for Enterprise style organizations, signed a tech partnership with SDL, global leader in digital solution for linguistic interpretation and real time translation. Through this partnership, Druid chatbots will be able to have simultaneous discussions in several languages.

By integrating with SDL, Druid virtual assistents achieve the capability to have a conversation in different languages with employees, clients, partners or providers, without a need to translate the data sources or conversational fluxes. Many time, a chatbot configured to have a conversation in Romanian receives questions in English or French. Of course, chatbot can receive a conversational model in French, but that requires a supplementary effort. If the chatbot is connected to data sources (business app ERP, CRM, BI, HRIS style), in order to send the models or forms from organization’s internal systems, the data sources must be translated. This requires serious investments of time and money.

Developing a connector with SDL technology adds to Druid chatbots a new quality, the one of interpreter. “Interpreter Mode” can translate in real time a conversation in over 100 languages, through any digital communication channel, no matter the device used. Moreover, the Live Chat component simplifies the scenario in which a human operator or a chatbot gives support to clients in more languages simultaneously.

Any multinational asks the question: How can you provide to the employees, clients or partners all the needed informational support within the company, in Russian, Spanish, German or Chinese? Starting today, we can answer via chatbots directly, during the conversation and in almost any language

Daniel Bălăceanu,

Product Management Director Druid.

Through this partnership, the tech based on Artificial Intelligence for Neuronal Automated Translation developed by SDL is connected to DRUID’s conversational platform and can supplement successful human operators need for client support scenarios in over 100 languages

George Bara,

VP Partnerships and Strategic Alliances SDL