Channel Factory selected to join YouTube Measurement Programme

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Channel Factory, a global technology and data platform that maximizes performance efficiency and brand suitability on YouTube, announced that the company has joined the YouTube measurement programme as a brand suitability and contextual targeting partner.

The YouTube Measurement Programme (YTMP) was created to offer advertisers trusted solutions for driving and measuring marketing performance on YouTube. For marketers, reaching audiences and measuring the results of campaigns is a growing challenge. To help advertisers better optimize and understand performance on YouTube, YTMP has expanded its scope.

The YTMP partner Channel Factory, will work closely with Google to ensure that their measurement solutions provide accurate data to their customers. As part of the expanded programme, Google will be providing Channel Factory with training and resources, technical support and product tools to help enhance their platform, ViewIQ.

With trust and transparency at its foundation, YTMP provides quality and choice when it comes to optimizing and measuring performance and helping marketers to better understand and reach their customers on YouTube. Alongside Channel Factory, YouTube will keep working to establish industry accepted standards and advanced solutions that help raise the bar for brands and advertisers.

“We are very excited to partner with YouTube to create innovative solutions that will help advertisers drive maximum business outcome through brand suitability, contextual alignment, and cost efficiencies” says Tony Chen, CEO and Founder, Channel Factory.

Channel Factory is a global technology and data platform that sits at the crossroads of brand suitability and performance, turning YouTube’s 5 billion videos and 500 hours per minute of new content into brand suitable, efficient advertising opportunities. Channel Factory’s mission is to create a suitable video ecosystem that aligns creators, brands, and consumers – by enabling advertisers access to the most relevant videos, channels and creators.

Through their proprietary platform that harnesses the power of the deepest YouTube data set in the industry, Channel Factory has enabled advanced brand suitability, customized content targeting, and maximum performance for the world’s biggest brands. Channel Factory’s algorithm ensures not only that advertisers run against content that aligns to their brand, but also delivers outcomes by optimizing campaigns using active and historical campaign performance data.

Channel Factory works with 300+ global advertisers and has offices across the USA and is present in over 30 countries worldwide including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.