Romania Pozitiva launched a free online learning program „Orientation towards solution and optimism”

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The platform RomâniaPozitivă.ro, De bine despre Romania (Good about Romania), launched the online version of the learning program „Orientare spre Solutie & Optimism” (Orientation towards Solution & Optimism). The access to the program is free, out of the desire of stimulating the finding of some creative and efficient solutions for the problems of the moment, solutions that are so necessary in this difficult period of time that we are all passing.

Depending on the available rhythm and time, the program can be seen in one hour or the information and the exercises can be deepen in almost 8 hours.

This program is ready for the ones they want it:

  • work instruments, concepts and methods for orientation towards solution and optimism, useful in the personal and professional life and with a positive impact for the colleagues, friends, family or the society;
  • a map with solutions and concrete ideas for at least a problem or opportunity that the participant wants to works specifically and dedicated during the online program, depending on the time and the learning rhythm;
  • an interactive online learning experience with more tools and inspiration from the experience in training and facilitation in the last almost 20 years, with over 10 000 participants in the offline and online events.

Ever since 2008 we are developing Orientation towards Solution workshops, especially for organizations partners in business, social entrepreneurship and NGOs and I tested a multitude of tools and concepts that can help us see in a constructive manner a problem or an opportunity and, especially to find resolving solutions or at least some to handle them. Today, more than ever, we need all the available solutions, this is the reason we took the decision to democratize the program by offering itfree and online. We are thanking all our collaborators and friends for the contribution to this program and thanking the community Training Café for hosting it online!”, said Florin Ghinda, founder and the program’s author.

The program can be accessed and an account can be created here. Alongside the free access to the online program, for the partner organizations there can be done live sessions with exercises and personalized workshops for the team depending on its needs, budget and time.