We have a love to give – campaign to raise awareness over elderly’s needs during COVID19 pandemic


Home isolation due to COVID 19 and social distancing imposed through emergency state is affecting the living conditions and emotional states of the elderly in Romania. Many are facing new challanges and do not have anyone else to help them. In this context, Margret of Romania┬┤s Royal Foundation triggers an alert over the actual needs of the elderly, as an effect of the pandemic, and starts an SMS donation campaign, We have a love to give. The SMS number for the campaign is 8844, text Singur for a recurring monthly donation of Euro 2

With the campaign, the foundation aims to finance a network of active social services in communities all over the country, by supporting NGOs and civic initiatives dedicated to elderl and by running own projects to help during the crises a number of 20,000 people. The support aims mainly people affected by loneliness, with physical imparities, chronical diseases, precarious life conditions and of very old age and consists in different types of support – material, practical or emotional – and the number of those benefiting of the support will increase as soon as the foundation will gather the needed resources via donations and sponsorships

The idea of the campaign was developed together with the Romanian barnding agency Heraldist & Wondermarks. The message will be declined on TV, Radio and online with the help of a challenge launched to the influencers, so all that could help would find out of the 2 euro donation. Conan PR is implementing the campaign and media is handled by Zenith Media.