Deloitte Romania, partnerships with Druid, Future WorkForce and RPAbox to create digital automated solutions for juridic, financial and HR depts 

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Deloitte România and Reff & Asociații | Deloitte Legal România forged partnerships with Druid, Future WorkForce and RPAbox, local leaders in digital transformation, in order to create tech solutions for  juridical, finance and HR departments, such are chatbots and solutions for automating repetitve and manual processes via RPA tech and algorithms for processing natural language.

Juridical sector started to transform with help of tech, which allows juridical departments to increase efficiency, to reduce the costs and risks and, the most important, to free lawyers of repetitive tasks so they can focus on strategical aspects. Deloitte și Reff & Asociații created an eco-system of tech solutions who facilitate this transformation. The 3 new partnerships allow us to expand this ecosystem and to combine professionals expertize in juridical field and in tech in order to develop chatbbots and automated solutions for business processes

Simina Mut,

Director Center of Excellence Deloitte Legal.

Solutions will be created and customized by experts from Reff & Asociații | Deloitte Legal România and the tech team from Practice of management consulting, together with Druid, Future WorkForce and RPAbox.

Deloitte is recognized as global leader in digital transformation and tech consultancy due to distinctive competencies and global alliances with tech specialized companies. Romanian team has the same approach, which includes forging partnerships with companies who are local leaders in their activity field in order to create innovative solutions who support Romanian business environment in its digital transformation process, an absolutely needed one considering COVID 19 pandemic

Andrei Ionescu,

Coordinating partner Consultancy & Risk Management Deloitte Romania

Via Druid platform, Deloitte Romania will support the private and public companies to project and implement feeds for chatbots and governance programs through complete solutions in order to manage measures to implement banking moratory, chatbots for juridical and HR departments, easy to implement and accessible via many communication channels, like MS Teams, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack or corporate webpages.

Also, Reff & Asociații | Deloitte Legal România team will collaborate with Future WorkForce in order to create automated solutions to review documents and legislative texts. The attorney team will offer to the companies the expertize and knowledge needed to adapt the solution to own needs.

During the partnership with RPAbox, a leader in robotized automated processes, Deloitte Romania will offer consultancy regarding the business processes in order to implement a solution that can automate repetitive and manual processes in the juridical and governance sector.

The new partnerships contribute to the ecosystem of tech solutions created by Deloitte on local plan, that includes the automation platform Processo, a solution created by Deloitte experts that allow companies to create business and decision models and integrate them with the systems they are already using, such are digital solutions for financial institutions developed during the strategic partnership with FintechOS. During the last years, tech team from Deloitte Romania consultancy practice expanded its competences in RPA, data analytics and systems architecture.