Universum launches Event Park Snagov for drive-in events


The events’ industry in Romania is in a continuous transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore Universum launched the concept Event Park, a series of outside events, of drive-in type. On May 16 and 17 will take place the first cinema evenings. The location from Lagoo Snagov can accomodate other types of drive-in events as well, such as: concerts, festivals, stand-up comedy shows or theater shows or any type of event organized outdoor.

Event Park was developed from the desire of having events in conditions of maximum safety in the situation we are now. All the events organized in Event Park will take place only drive-in. And after the authorities’ announcement regarding the relaxation of the restrictions in this regard, the space will transform in a green space for events with areas and relaxation tents in the nature for each group of participants.

During the first event will role two movies: from 19:30 to 22:00, at Lagoo Snagov. In the green space between the lake and the Snagov forrest there will be a big dimmensions led screen  (144mp) FULL HD with a 4096 X 2304 pixels resolution, with a length of 16m and a high of 9m for the watching from the cars. There will be 150 places for cars, the sounding being done through an audio FM system that allows the transmission of the sound toawards the cars’ speakers or other devices.

The tickets will be available soon exclusively online.

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, Universum gradually transformed each of its concepts, because we wanted to come in the support of our partners, but also of the ones that are looking for solutions for the challenges they are confronting themselves with. This is how the concept Event Park caught live, whose mission is to help at the restoration of the normality and the coming back of people in the green spaces for relaxation: but one in which people are respecting the social distancing rules, all of these while enjoying the activities they were used to up to now.

We will make sure that all the saftey measures are respected throughout all the events’ duration. We want that all the people present feel safe all the time,while enjoying some hours of relaxation outside their home. All those present at the cinema evenings will receive from us soft drinks and popcorn, while those who want to have lunch or dinner will be able to order online and the food will be delivered duing the movie at the car’s window,” said Mihai Cima, Managing Partner, Universum.