Volkswagen offers an ode to « here » in a new series of films from DDB Paris

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In the very particular context of the lockdown exit in France, Volkswagen has launched a new campaign along with a dedicated offer (the “Better days” – a series of exceptional deals including 3 years of warranty and 3 months worth of rent offered). A campaign by Volkswagen to celebrate our new-found freedom and the return of the simple joys of life.

This idea inspired Volkswagen’s latest films by DDB Paris. Instead of creating a direct connection with the current events, the films take a more universal approach, reaffirming the human values of the brand. They all rely on the first and most essential emotional benefit of cars: freedom of movement. 

In a minimalistic and poetic manner, the series of 7 films shows all these places that matter to us, those “here” we can’t wait to go back to. 7 places, 7 slices of life, all at once insignificant, pleasant and touching. Each one ends with an aphorism about the value of “here”. Because now more than ever, taking you “here” is the greatest thing Volkswagen can offer its clients.

“Here” was designed and produced by DDB Paris. It will air on TV and digital media from the 11 to the 31 of May 2020

Brand: Volkswagen
Product: Range
Executive Creative Director: Alexander Kalchev
Copywriter: Benoît Oulhen
Art Director: Mickaël Jacquemin
Planning: Loïc Morando
Agency: Alban Callet, Axel Renaudin, Léa Villani,
Marina Kovalenko
Volkswagen: Gerrit Heimberg, Jean-Manuel
Caparros, Alexandra Tacconi
Head of TV Production: Corinne Persch
TV Producer / Post-producer: Florence Gabet
Post Production: Mikros
Sound: The