is the First and Only In-Game Advertising Platform to Receive Highest-Level Security Audit

Business, Creativity, Gaming is now the first and only in-game advertising company ever to qualify for ISO 27001 certification. A global platform that immerses native ads into video games and esports, Anzu can now offer advertisers and game developers alike more confidence that their data is being handled in accordance with the highest security standards. This announcement, which comes amidst the massive growth of gaming as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, represents a next-level in security for the booming in-game advertising industry.

Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ISO, the world’s most widely recognized security management standard, assists organizations in meeting the security expectations and needs of their customers. Anzu’s ISO certification is big news for the gaming industry, given that more and more AAA games are demanding ISO certification, which represents the highest standard available, from their 3rd-party tech vendors. In a time when so many have experienced the negative effects of data security breaches, the certification gives Anzu’s customers an independently-verified guarantee that the platform has solid systems in place and is taking a proactive approach to securing their – and their users’ – data.

Additionally, the certification requires that Anzu employees are well-versed in data security, security guidelines, and security procedures, all of which are being actively enforced with Anzu’s multiple 3rd-party vendors. This certification comes on the heels of another security assurance for Anzu clients—the first-ever fraud-detection collaboration for in-game advertising, part of a recently-announced partnership between Anzu and cybersecurity firm Forensiq.

Ben Fenster, Co-Founder and CPO of Anzu, says,

“Passing ISO’s internationally-recognized independent security assessment speaks volumes for Anzu’s commitment to our customers. This certification, which requires an arduous vetting process, shows current and potential clients that Anzu makes their data security a top priority. A commitment to privacy and security has been part of our company culture since day 1. We all feel accomplished and proud to have achieved this significant milestone in our growth as a company, one which required undertaking a substantial vetting process over the course of many, many months. We’re extremely proud and honored to be counted among the most secure solutions in the world, and look forward to continuing to push the industry towards a greater adoption of –and requirement for–higher security standards.”


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