BBH & Hamlet are showing people the future of tech with a human connection for Samsung

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International production company Hamlet launch ‘Age of Experience’ with BBH Shanghai for electronics giant Samsung, directed by AB/CD/CD.

SAMSUNG #AgeofExperience – DC from HAMLET on Vimeo.

In a strategic plan to feature more visionary products in their brand communications, the film teases, rather than reveals, and gives us a glimpse of the range of innovative everyday tech products about to emerge from the vast Samsung R&D centre in Seoul.

The 60” online film shows humans and technology living together in perfect harmony, side by side through the everyday moments of life, intertwining in perfect symbiotic unity. With this film, Samsung is helping us to see how technology can seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, not merely as a tool, but as part of our human experience.

“This isn’t a depiction of a cold, techno-laden future. It’s the world we know today with the technology of tomorrow seamlessly embedded in it, and with this film we can visually convey the warmth of human emotions and the optimism that future technology can bring.” said Ruben Goots, Co-Founder & Executive Producer of Hamlet.

The Seoul R&D centre is the birthplace of all new Samsung products. Due to the highly protected and confidential status of the new products, the film crew were not permitted to leave the centre to film the products, so alot of the film was shot in the R&D centre.

The products featured are: Bot Air Purifier, Modular TV, Bespoke refrigerator, Fold handheld device and Digital Cockpit for cars.

Hamlet is an international production company for branded film and video content. Founded in 2015 by Executive Producers Ruben Goots and Jason Felstead, Hamlet quickly grew to be a global presence in the advertising industry and operates out of Brussels, Berlin and most recently Shanghai. Hamlet represents a well-known, award winning roster of Directors to create best in class campaigns with the world’s leading agencies and top brands.


Client: Samsung

Title: Age of Experience

Agency: BBH Shanghai

CCO: Kelly Pon

Managing Partner: Joanne Liu

Creative Director: Darren Leong

Executive Producer BBH: Weisian Lee

Production Company: HAMLET

Director: AB/CD/CD

Executive Producers: Ruben Goots, Jason Felstead, Priscilla He

DOP: Benjamin Todd

Editor: Linda Attab

Color Grading: Sylvain Canaux @ St Louis, Pais

Post Production: St Louis, Paris