Aurélien Bigot and Benjamin Le Coz join Serviceplan France

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Serviceplan France have hired distinguished creative team Aurélien Bigot (33) and Benjamin Le Coz (28) to join the agency under the leadership of Creative Directors Daniel Perez and Hervé Poupon. Bigot and Le Coz were ranked in the Top 10 Young Creative Strategy Awards in 2017. 

Bigot has 10 years of experience in Singapore and France as an Artistic Director, and Le Coz brings 7 years of experience as a Copywriter in Parisian agencies. The creative team met in 2017 at Les Gaulois. Both perfectly aligned in their conceptual approach and creative ambition, they decided to abolish the traditional AD/CR boxes which they consider to be constricting, to join forces as “creatives”. It is under this status that they have been working for 4 years, and they joined the Serviceplan agency several weeks before the Coronavirus lockdown in France.

Ranked in the Top 10 Young Creative Strategy Awards in 2017, they have worked for such famous brands as Orange, Citroën, Nike, Renault, Krys and Transavia. Their achievements include; the Uberescape operation for Transavia; the C3 Aircross launch film for Citroën; and the Porcelain Bones activation for Amgen laboratories. Altogether, their work has been recognized by almost 40 national and international awards including; Cannes Lions, CLIO Awards, New York Festivals and Grand Prix Stratégies.

Handling traditional media, technological supports and non-media concepts with as much talent, they inject all disciplines with a subtle humour and change of tempo.Their latest campaign was ‘Vitesse de déconfinement’ for Sécurité Routière (Road Safety), released on 12 May as France began to ease lockdown restrictions: