#Startup tips: Six best ways to use digital tools to facilitate better connections with clients

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Navigating the minefield of digital tech is far from being easy, especially in the world of modern business. Every company can appreciate the necessity of implementing digital tools. Particularly in relation to client interactions.  

The need to master this aspect of business is perhaps greater than ever because of COVID-19. Here are six areas where digital tools can help one thrive.

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  1. Direct digital marketing 

One of the great things about digital technology is that some of the best tools are free. We recently compiled a list of 10 tools ranging across SEO, email marketing, and landing page optimization that will put you on the right track. Meanwhile, social media pages are free to launch and post on too. Even when you opt for paid content creation or the use of social influences, the cost per acquisition is pleasing. It’s far smaller than traditional methods. 

  1. Data protection 

More personal data is shared online than ever before, and consumers are naturally concerned. A company that shows it can safeguard sensitive info, such as personal details or payment info, will thrive. Upgrading your organization’s cybersecurity is particularly vital if you facilitate online transactions. Data encryption and monitored IT offer a solid platform. The company should use digital tools to manage surveillance and on-site protection. 

  1. User speed 

When browsing products and services online, consumers are fairly impatient. Slow website loading times, for example, can cause them to lose interest and trust in the brand. Digital tools that guarantee faster online processes work wonders for client satisfaction. It is why cheap VPS solutions are ideal. Customers are happy to pay more when they are treated to a good UX. Now is the time to establish the winning connection. 

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  1. Customer care 

Keeping a customer is far easier than winning a new one, but only if they stay happy. The ability to leave clients feeling valued is one of modern tech’s great success stories. Automated chatbots for your website can transform the customer care game. Likewise, the use of VoIP tech delivers better results for the clients and cheaper results for business owners. For an advanced approach, A.I. can detect behavioral patterns to build an even better outcome. 

  1. Customer voices 

Consumers want to feel as though they are a part of the brand. Digital tools that collect data, through surveys or Internet of Things (IoT) devices, can provide key insight for the business. When the information is used to develop better products and services, clients will know that their voices are heard. This encourages them to resonate with the brand. In turn, it translates to increased Customer Lifetime Values. This means more sales, and bigger transaction values. 

  1. Remarketing 

Remarketing is another crucial step to turning one-time clients into regular buyers. Digital tools, such as automated cart abandonment emails, greetings cards, and loyalty schemes are ideal. Once the systems are launched and in place, they boost the company’s bottom line with minimal effort from you. When coupled with the analytical tools mentioned above, tweaking the venture to perfection becomes a far simpler task. 

Modern tech plus human care equals happy clients. Simple.