UIPath uses Druid to give a voice to RPA robots

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Druid, producer of intelligent AI (chatbots) for Enterprise type organization, announced the signing of a global accord with UiPath, through which UiPath will integrate Druids conversational abilities within the first hyper-automatic platform launched by UiPath.

Through Druid technology, via chatbots preconfigured for certain sectors, roles and processes, and new automation capacities that increase employees productivity, UiPath offers to the organization the most performant automation performance at international level, in order to offer to their clients fast access to information and support via the most popular communication channel.

Messaging apps became the favorite communication platforms, with over 41M messages sent every minute. 68% consumers consider they represent the easiest way to keep in contact with the companies and 50% clients say they prefer to buy products via chatbots. As an answer, the companies aligns their communication strategies not only to be present where their clients are, but also to satisfy the assistance needs in a digital manner. Still, without the suited instruments to manage those challanges, the support team are, many times, overwhelmed.

While Covid19 continues to affect businesses all over the world, the organizations are facing extreme challenges, including the increased customer support need.

Conversational abilities fueled with AI technology offered by UIPath expand the impact of traditional chatbots platforms, transforming them in entreprise apps to collect information in real time and to execute operational duties (…) Because the last generation apps are focused more and more on information exchange, our objective is to facilitate the connexion between chatbots and existent entreprise apps

Param Kahlon,

Chief Product Officer UiPath

Combining Druid’s conversational tech with the hyperautomation platform developed by UIPath, organizations can automate complex business processes both for internal and external users.

To support clients who want a conversational solution in relation with robots already involved in automation, UIPath signed a global partnership through which it will resell Druid to their clients. Druid is a platform projected to develop chatbots fast, fueled by AI tech, which has a native connector with the UIPath platform .

It is a natural step for robots to get a voice to contribute to revolutionize employees productivity and democratize the access to information (…) By integrating with UIPath, we elevate the experience of the final user and attenuate the burden the human workforce undergoes when facing repetitive tasks

Liviu Dragan,

CEO Druid