Druid partners with KeysFin for commercial risk analysis or direct crediting via Druid chatbots

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Druid, specialized in developing chatbots for Entreprise type organizations, signed a technological partnership with KeysFin, provider of credit risk management solutions and business information in Romania. Through this partnership, the companies will be able to automatize complex processes to analyze the commercial or crediting risk in a conversational and direct mode via Druid chatbots.

By integrating with KeysFin services, Druid offers companies a modern digital instrument through which crediting or commercial risk analysis can be solved directly via chatbots, in larger automation processes. This way, a company can give to its employees, in just few days, a tech that can digitize key steps in the sales processes.

If a potential client wants a credit or a commercial contract, the chatbot demands some relevant data, such as fiscal code. By integrating with KeysFin services, the chatbot activates the extraction of information on company’s state, financial situation, debts to the state budget, payments incidents, insolvency or legal processes, complex scoring or rating analysis. The potential client will be entered automatically in commercial risk class. All the collected info can be saved afterwards in the internal apps, so that the employees involved in the risk analysis or sale process to have at hand all relevant data, before signing contracts.

KeysFin represents an important step in Druid’s positioning strategy as conversational hub pre-equipped with the needed instruments for automating specifical processes that can save to employees valuable time. The unique expertize KeysFin accumulated in the area of fraud prevention solutions in business and management of the commercial risk together with Druid technology, forming an unique proposal mainly for banks or leasing companies, for which risk analysis play a major role

Daniel Bălăceanu,

Product Management Director Druid

KeysFin services developed and adapted constantly, keeping in mind the needs of the business environment, making us an open and trustworthy partner. Access to services directly online raised and accelerated the need of companies to automate the fast validation of a potential client. We are proud to be together in an unique partnership of this kind, through which solutions of managing the commercial risk Keysfin are integrated in Druid chatbots

Roxana Popescu,

Managing Director KeysFin.