Conran Design Group helps Clario empower users to reclaim their digital security with new identity

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In the modern world, almost everything we do: from working to shopping to socializing is done online. Despite its convenience, this reliance on technology to power our lives has led to increased risk and vulnerability of our personal data. Based on the belief that it’s everyone’s right to live life securely and privately, Clario, a subscription-based personal security software company, appointed Conran Design Group to help them launch a new brand that empowers people to take control of their digital lives.

Conran’s U.S. and U.K. teams collaborated closely, each bringing a unique perspective to the challenge to humanize, personalize, and simplify in an industry that is historically impersonal and complicated. Working in close partnership with the team at Clario, they developed the company’s core brand message, brought a sense of clarity and approachability to the subject of cybersecurity, and created a visual and verbal identity for the brand that brought humanity to the consumer interaction. They then translated this through to the product interface design to create an industry-changing user experience. The name itself, Clario, was created by Conran to signal the clear and intuitive nature of their offering.

By designing more informal and intuitive product interfaces and incorporating more people-centered photography, Conran challenges consumers to think beyond utility to get to the personal nature of cybersecurity needs. The logo is similarly open and approachable, its informal tone reinforced by the use of a lowercase typeface and a split dot that links the “i” in Clario to the full stop that completes the logo — playfully communicating human connectivity. The typeface utilizes a fresh, ‘digital’ color palette of blues and greens that feel modern whilst maintaining an aura of reliability and trustworthiness. All of this is anchored by an increased focus on a direct and down-to-earth use of language, dispensing with security jargon and returning the focus to the person on the other side of the software.

“The management team saw an opportunity to disrupt the category,” says Conran Design Group’s Executive Creative Director Lee Hoddy, “to reinvent the role that a brand could play in securing our digital life. Most of the competition trade on our fears in cybersecurity – language and semiotics that serve warning of the threat, adding to the complexity, creating fear and anxiety. Clario is different.”

Cybersecurity can be a scary and confusing topic for many, but rather than playing into that fear, Clario breaks down the issues that all users face – viruses, identity theft, password protection, and more – and makes managing them simple. With Conran Design Group’s help shaping a new consumer-focused brand identity and experience, Clario offers their customers a bold and human-centric alternative that returns digital control to them for good.

Alun Baker, CEO of Clario commented:

“I want to thank Thom (Conran Design Group CEO) and the team at Conran for being in the ‘We’ of ‘We are Clario’. To help us create this amazing brand. The team’s commitment has been outstanding and has created probably the best partnership I have witnessed between two companies working intensely under huge pressure, but with amazing excitement and commitment to the cause.”

The new service launched worldwide on June 25th 2020 across Mac, iOS, and Android.

Founded by renowned designer Sir Terence Conran, Conran Design Group U.S. is a design-led branding agency that believes in the power of well-designed brands to move people, shape culture, and help businesses thrive.