New concept on the children products’ market in Romania


In full covid-19 pandemic and recently returned from the Dominican Republic where he hosted the Romanian version of Survivor, Dan Cruceru brings a unique concept on the Romanian children products’ market. According to the press release, he launched the first “hand to hand” shop, between Cybex and the Romanian company Taticool Shop.

After a three years’ collaboration the two companies decided to invest together into a “concept store” that takes the shopping for children’s products idea to a next level. The space is generous and situated in a central Bucharest area, easy accessible from all the city’s corners.

Inside the Taticool Shop, created with Cybex, can be seen all the baby strollers Cybex, including the exclusivist Jeremy Scott Wings- the Rolls Royce of the baby strollers- that costs around EUR 3500.

The company started from Dan Cruceru’s desire of getting involved in the parenting area. In 2014, Dan launched the blog Taticool- the first one about parenting dedicated to dads. Now, Taticool Shop imports exclusively in Romania 6 premium brands and has a turnover of over EUR 1 million each year and continues to grow. The partnership with Cybex started in 2017. With the launch of the concept store and a store in Cluj, TaticoolShop estimates a growth of 30% in turnover this year.