2Performant to be listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange this year

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2Performant, a Romanian technology company, intends to be listed on the AeRo market of the Romanian Stock Exchange in the latter part of 2020. The company has a high growth potential, being directly connected to the development of eCommerce and the evolution of digital marketing. Over time, 2Performant has generated over 5 million transactions worth over 205 million EUR in both these industries. The intermediary working together with 2Performant in order to secure its listing on the BSE (Bucharest Stock Exchange) is Goldring, one of the most active brokers on the Romanian stock market.

In business for over 12 years, 2Performant develops and operates its own integrated affiliate and influencer marketing platform, by means of which businesses can work remotely with their partners, affiliates, or influencers. 2Performant is synonymous with affiliate marketing in Romania having been the first company to introduce affiliate marketing to it in 2009, at which time it operated under the name „2Parale”. Leader in its market, 2Performant is the largest local traffic generator for eCommerce in Romania with over 5 million clicks generated every month for its extensive portfolio of clients. From its infancy days winning a start-up competition in 2009, 2Performant has multiplied its yearly turnover 300-fold.

In 2019 2Performant posted a turnover of 3.2 million EUR, up by 20% from 2018, and continued its accelerated growth into the first half of 2020 amid the rise of eCommerce during the pandemic crisis and the shifting of purchasing habits to the online environment. Over the years, the company heavily invested in its own technology for affiliate and influencer marketing, raised capital through several funding rounds, went through all of the development stages typical to a technology company and now aims to list on the BSE. Founded in 2008 by Radu Spineanu, the company became a joint-stock company in 2015 at which point it also started to be audited. At the beginning of this month, the 2Performant shareholders have unanimously approved the listing of the company on the AeRo, the BSE market dedicated to SMEs. 2Performant is currently led by Dorin Boerescu (CEO), Irina Dumitrascu (CTO), Bogdan Aron (CFO) and has an advisory board formed by Sergiu Negut (investor and co-founder of Fintech OS), Vladimir Oane (enterpreneur and co-founder of Deepstash) and Matei Pavel (entrepreneur, investor and co-founder T-Me Studios).

„Affiliate marketing is the marketing of the future. The collosal growth that online commerce has registered these days confirms it once again that our intuition with regards to its potential was a great one when we introduced it for the first time to the Romanian market. Affiliate marketing will grow along with eCommerce, which is currently registering a 6-year leap into the future and is estimated to continue to grow, given that over 70% of Americans and Europeans buy online, and while Romania and CEE, trailing the Western countries, have an annual growth potential of 20-30% for the coming years. 2Performant has always invested timely in its own technology, developed and operated by our in-house developer team, in order to keep up with these upcoming developments. So far, we’ve invested over 1 million EUR in our own technology and we will continue to do so, especially for the betterment of the user experience, in the context of ever increasing local and regional opportunities”,

Dorin Boerescu,

CEO 2Performant.

For his part, Bogdan Aron, CFO and 2Performant Partner, says that the technical listing on the BSE is part of the company’s objectives, so that it can continue its growth and so that it can capture as much as possible of the overall growth of eCommerce

„During the last couple of years 2Performant has made important steps towards listing on the BSE. There were multiple funding rounds that allowed for important investments in proprietary technology. We were one of the winning companies of the first edition of „Made in Romania”, a program of the BSE, an extraordinary experience for us and at the same time our first contact with the stock market. With our BSE listing we want to continue our consolidation and development policy through investments in sales, marketing and support, especially in the context of this accelerated growth of eCommerce, but to also obtain a recognition of our market value.”

In 2017 2Performant was one the companies who were the finalists of the first edition of „Made in Romania”, a program of the BSE aimed to support companies deemed to have great potential for growth and for contributing to the Romanian economy.

„In a year of great challenges for companies, this is a new BSE listing, from a sector that has been long awaited by a new generation of investors and a new opportunity for them to diversify their portfolios. We are always happy when a new and important sector of the Romanian economy gets listed on the stock exchange, especially when the issuer is a dynamic and innovative player, focused on opportunities and development. 2Performant is one such player, and its listing is a synergistic plus in the long run for all stakeholders. We are thus delighted to introduce 2Performant to the BSE ring and we are eagerly awaiting to see its future evolution, which we think will be just as dynamic and exciting. Moreover, apart form the advantages and opportunities that the listing presents for 2Performant, we are confident this will be an extraordinary and well-received sign to the industry, opening a new chapter for the technology companies listed on the stock exchange”, says Virgil Zahan, CEO Goldring.

Across its company history, 2Performant benefitted from many rounds of financing that supported the company’s growth and the development of proprietary technology. The company has been founded in 2009, under the name „2Parale”, following a seed-type 15.000 EUR financing won in a start-up competition, a beginning that would open the way to a sturdy business model with a huge growth potential. During that same year, Dorin Boerescu joins the company and buys 80% of it along with a business angel, following a 50.000 EUR investment. 2011 would see the company enter the Bulgarian market as well. Other financing round followed – 230.000 EUR in 2012 and 205.000 EUR in 2014. A new 250.000 EUR investment in 2015 and a constant turnover growth up to 1.75 million EUR have made possible the launch of 2Performant.com, the migration to a new and more efficient technical solution the following year, and the consolidation of the affiliate marketing market-leader status. In 2018, the company invests 250.000 EUR of its own money and launches its own influencer marketing platform, designed and implemented as a digital management service for influencer and content marketing campaigns. With a vision of an UBERization of marketing, 2Performant is constantly preoccupied with the development of the technological infrastructure and the growth of the user community, assuming the role of a facilitator through its automated and transparent self-service platform, and that of a consultant, through its affiliate marketing programs and special workshops.

2Performant is a Romanian technology company that develops and operates 2Performant.com – an integrated affiliate and influencer marketing platform. By using this platform, businesses can connect with partners, affiliates and influencers, with whom they can work using the 2 collaboration models available at this time: affiliate marketing and influencer marketing. According to the company’s data, 2Performant is the largest local source of trafic for online stores in Romania, having generated 5 million clicks per month for its portfolio clients.

With 12 years on the market, the company is the one to have launched the first affiliate marketing network in Romania, under the name „2Parale”. Threee years later the company entered the Bulgarian market. In 2016 the platform and all operations migrated to 2Performant, a new technical solution and a new way of working with a focus on self-service and pre-pay as a payment means. Until now, the company has invested over 1 million EUR in technology so as to increase performance, efficiency of processes, the launching of an influencer marketing platform, and the easing and the improvement of the user experience (UX & UI).

With a vision of an UBERization of marketing based on performance and transparency, 2Performant has succesfully managed to generate sales of over 200 million EUR through its affiliate marketing platform, through over 400 million clicks, for over 600 local and regional eCommerce players, from over 30 different industries. The company is actively involved in education and one of the initiators of the AjutorSpitale, a project of the Romania business environment during the Coronavirus crisis, which facilitated the access of hospitals and doctors to medical and non-medical supplies.