Embassy of Dutch Creativity travels around Europe, visiting Copenhagen on August 16th – 18th

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This summer, a mobile version of Embassy of Dutch Creativity will visit European creative and innovative hotspots, including Hamburg. The Dutch creative trade mission will pay a visit to Copenhagen from August 16th – August 18th. Although several meetings have been scheduled already, there are still slots available for organizations and brands from Copenhagen that would like to explore creative partnerships with the Dutch industry.

Alternative program replacing the Cannes festival

Normally every year in June, the international creative industry gathers in Cannes for the international advertising festival. One of the must-visit places is the Embassy of Dutch Creativity, the trade mission of the combined Dutch creative industry. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 outbreak all activities in Cannes have been cancelled this year.

Because the festival in Cannes was postponed till 2021, the Dutch trade mission launched the Embassy Road Tour. The Embassy-team will drive a camper to various leading creative and innovative hotspots across Europe, like Hamburg. The aim of the Embassy Road Tour is to engage with global partners, talents, media and each other and celebrate Dutch creativity and innovation with an international crowd. Furthermore, the objective is to promote the Netherlands – with Amsterdam as leading creative capital – as THE place to be for talent, partners and creative businesses.

Kyra Roest, founding mother of the Embassy of Dutch Creativity:

“It’s pretty simple. It wasn’t be possible for international partners from Denmark to visit the Embassy in Cannes earlier this year in June. That’s why the Embassy will come to them!”

The Embassy Road tour will commence 15th of August till 15th of October in Amsterdam. Other cities that will be visited next to Copenhagen are amongst others Berlin, Munich, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Vienna and Zürich. All travel plans are depending on local regulations and travel restrictions that might change along the way.

Kyra Roest:

“We look forward to engage with the creative industry in Copenhagen. The Embassy of Dutch Creativity represents the creative industry in the Netherlands and it would be great to connect with leading partners in Denmark.”

Embassy of Dutch Creativity

The Embassy of Dutch Creativity is a trade mission of the collective Dutch creative industry and is open for participation by fellow industry partners. The Embassy is an initiative of ADCN (Club for Creativity), bvA (Dutch Advertiser’s Association), DuPho (Dutch Photographers’ Association), Dutch Digital Agencies, Dutch Digital Design, IAA Dutch Chapter, IAB NL, VEA (association of advertising agencies. And supported by Creative Holland.