UAPR launches UAPR Talent Bank, a database for seniors in marcom

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UAPR announced the launch of UAPR Talent Bank, a database comprising seniors with experience in marcom industry and which are searching for new opportunities in the career.

With this project, UAPR doesn’t transform into a recruiting agency but aims to ease the interaction between candidates interested in new career opportunities and companies and agencies that have such positions available.

Starting August 5th 2020, the service is free for UAPR member agencies and for the professionals looking for new opportunities . The non-member agencies and companies can access the platform for a fee, by first filling a form online – UAPR Talent Bank Form.

Among the information that will be restricted for access on the platform and kept confidential are the personal info of the candidates and the confidential info indicated by them.

The agencies interested by the platform can check it online, UAPR Talent Bank , email UAPR and announce the intention to access the platform and the code of the wanted candidate. The candidate will be informed immediately and, if he/she agrees, the potential employer receives access to the full profile.

The categories available on UAPR Talent Bank are Client service, Creative, Strategy, Digital & Technology, Media, PR, Events & Trade and Support talents