Enterprise RPA introduces Romanian Druid tech in hyper-automation projects in UK 

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Druid entered a partnership with Enterprise RPA, an UK leader in solutions and services of hyper-automation of business processes via robots. As part of this partnership, Enterprise RPA will sell and implement conversational robots developed on Druid tech to industries likeHousing, Healthcare, Retail, Logistic, Finance or Constructions, towards big organizations in UK.

Automation and conversational tech are more and more present in digital transformation projects, helping departments to maximize productivity, to reduce costs and to remove from employees the time consuming activities. Enterprise RPA allows companies to automate manual and repetitive processes, contributing to increasing efficiency with help from “digital workers”. Via „ Engage at any Stage” tech, Enterprise RPA can connect fast organizations that are in different stages of automatizing their processes via robots, directly in hyper-automation projects.

We are happy to have in UK an implementation partner like Enterprise RPA, leader in intelligent hyper-automation solutions for business processes. Combining the expertize Enterprise RPA with Druid conversational technology, we can offer a plus of efficiency and more value to the UK organizations

Irina Dochiţu,

Partner Account Manager, DRUID

We consider this partnership will develop our implementation capabilities with a superior conversational technology, in order to help our clients to realize the benefits of the intelligent virtual assistants, perfectly integrated with the work feeds of their employees

Sam Boulton,

Account Director, Enterprise RPA.

Via Druid, Enterprise RPA will support UK companies to project and implement conversational feeds and governance programs, accesible via many com channels.