AmRest opens a new Burger King restaurant in Romania in Promenada Mall Bucharest


Just a few months after the opening of the Burger King restaurant in the University Square area, AmRest, a leading European restaurant and foodservice platform, opens a new restaurant in Bucharest. The new Burger King it’s located in the northern part of Bucharest, within the Promenada Mall.

As part of the long term strategy, in order to create a network of restaurants linking the most important areas of Bucharest, Burger King continues its expansion plan and kicks off the operations with its fourth restaurant.

The new Burger King restaurant in Bucharest is located in Promenada Mall food court, and will have a team of 30 grilling kings ..very…ny of the Bucharest residents. As always, the company has taken all the safety and hygienic measures in preparing all the orders: disinfectant recipients at all key points in the restaurant, equipment for employees with masks and gloves.

 “The new Burger King restaurant opening in Promenada Mall is just a part of our long term strategy and comes to strengthen our promise that we want to invest in the Romanian market. We continue to keep our plan and now we inaugurate the fourth restaurant in Bucharest, this time in the northern area. With this new opening, we were able to create new jobs even in these special times that we are passing and we are glad to discover responsible people, eager to be part of the Burger King team”, stated Alan Laughlin, President of Burger King AmRest. “Moreover, with this new opening we get closer and closer to our fans who enjoy Burger King products.”

Burger King provides fans with all the available space that follow the conditions and a whole set of measures in order to protect them. The sitting at the table respects all the social distance measures imposed by the authorities and are disinfected after each serving. At each cash register or at the entrance of the restaurant, customers will be able to disinfect themselves with the solutions available in dedicated containers.