Burger King in Romania: 25K Whoopers and 40 tons French fries sold in a year

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Burger King Romania, operated by AmRest, one of the largest European restaurant and food service platforms, celebrated one year and 6 restaurants on the Romanian market.

Daniel Ryska, Regional Director of CE & SEE

“We can proudly say, after one year in Romania that we have achieved our main goals. In the first year, we set out to create a network of restaurants that connect the most important areas of Bucharest, and since we entered the Romanian market, we have had as main objective in our strategic plan the opening of six new restaurants. In less than a year, we have achieved this goal and now we are focused on the continuous growth of the brand, to continue to have satisfied customers and of course, to continue the expansion both in Bucharest and in the country. We want to become a reliable employer and a long-term partner for our employees”

In just one year since entering the Romanian market, the Burger King restaurants sold more than 25.000 Whopper burgers sold, had 662.000 satisfied customers helped by its 250 employees. Burger King sold 662.000 burgers, 40,000 kg of French fries, 20,000 Oreo Shakes. In all, there were offered 25.000 crowns to customers. In the same period of time, Burger King gathered a community of 21,000 fans on Facebook.

At the anniversary of a year since entering the Romanian market, Burger King launches Chicken Festival, which contains delicious products that have as a main character the chicken: Chicken Royale, Chicken Nuggets and a novelty – Chicken Tendercrisp. The chicken products can be found in all Burger King restaurants.