Serviceplan Shanghai creates BUD-Meal Slot Machine for Budweiser

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For the first ‘BUD X Eleme Super Brand Day’ in China, Serviceplan teamed up with Budweiser and food delivery giant Eleme to create cuisine and Budweiser meal combos. The BUD-Meal Slot Machine invited consumers to ‘Use your luck to decide what to eat’, with a virtual or physical slot machine generating thousands of choices of BUD customized meals featuring BUD beer.

In recent years the business of food delivery has boomed in China, however Beer made up only 0.3% of total home delivery orders.  So Serviceplan Shanghai collaborated with Budweiser and food delivery company Eleme to cultivate consumer behaviour to order beer alongside cuisine.  Serviceplan Shanghai found an interesting insight, that people always struggle to decide what to eat when they make food delivery orders. In order to solve this everyday problem, Serviceplan partnered Budweiser with the Chinese food delivery giant Eleme to create a digital campaign.

For Serviceplan Shanghai’s first campaign for Budweiser they created “BUD X Eleme Super Brand Day“, featuring a digital and physical version of the BUD-meal slot machine which enabled consumers to try out their luck in getting different BUD meal combos. In order to translate the consumer experience from online to offline, a real-life BUD-meal slot machine was launched in Hema store. 

Designed with interesting icons, each food combo’s name has its own social slang. In order to create a mysterious feeling and anticipation of what the consumer will get for the delivery, Serviceplan Shanghai also created a special packaging. Within 3 days of the campaign launching in China, 138,944 BUD beer combos had been sold, with a 433,515 engagement of the BUD-Meal slot machine. More than 80,000 stores listed BUD customized beer combos. The first FMCG brand hub launched on the Eleme platform, with more than 1 million consumers visiting the site and 242,153,685 exposure on social platforms. 

Serviceplan China Group Creative Officer: Kan Wing Ho said: “The question of ‘What to choose when you have too many options?’ reveals a true human behaviour and mental struggle. Based on this insight, we offered a simple yet interesting solution to help increase the in-home consumption of Budweiser, effectively.”

Mora Ma, Associate Marketing Director, Budweiser commented: “It’s always a beer brands’ pain point to activate the food delivery platform. Beer is not a consumer’s destination purchasing category like food, so the question is, how to attract the consumer’s attention? The ‘BUD-Meal Slot Machine’ is a perfect solution. Great creative comes from a common insight ‘what to eat today?’. Through the activation we successfully changed BUD from a ‘nice to have’ to ‘must-have’ in the food delivery realm. We’re looking forward to the ‘BUD-Meal Slot Machine 2.0’!”


Agency: Serviceplan China
Worldwide Executive Creative Director: Jason Romeyko

Management Director: Bernard Wong
Group Creative Officer: Kan Wing Ho
Associate Creative Director: Wang Yifan

Group Head: Tong Siew Koon 

Senior Art Director: Magical Zhao, Jason Liu
Art Director: Charlie Wang
Senior Copywriter: Lisa Liu

Copywriter: Cole Yao & Mao Shanshan

Flash Director: Cara Liao
Planning Director: Moritz Sanner

Business Director: Erin Li
Account Director: Stella Shi

Account Executive: Freya Lai
Motion Production House: NCKCHN Design (Nick Chen, Jin Xian, Maxx Loh)