NEPI Rockcastle announces state-of-the-art solutions for innovative digital technologies in shopping malls

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NEPI Rockcastle, the largest real estate investor in the retail area in Romania, announces new ways of digital media communication, through innovative technologies. Out of desire to create in malls an inedited communication environment for companies, the shopping centers developer has invested in the last three years over 1,500,000 euros in the digital media network in Romania.

Marius Barbu, Asset Director NEPI Rockcastle:

“We are now living the technological future. We are aware that innovative technologies are radically changing our lives and that they represent a large part of the evolution of society. Globally, the public has an increasing appetite for modern technology, which offers unique digital experiences. To continue to be the partner of the new advanced society, you must constantly invest in ways that put you at the center of the digital needs of your employees and customers, ”

Commercial centers are more than just a place for shopping and entertainment, over time they have become a source of inspiration for the brands that are promoted here. Advertising in malls benefits from all the facilities that the mall’s indoor and outdoor media provide to partners and thus becomes a media promotion network. The main advantage is that when people are in malls and shopping centers, they are more receptive in making purchasing decisions.

The locations in the group’s portfolio include digital totems and, for the first time for a mall in Romania, high definition multi-screen LED screens, in Mega Mall. Through these new digital communication channels, the exposure of the message is 360 degrees, giving consumers a modern experience of interacting with the brand when they are shopping.

The new high-definition multi-screen LED screens in Mega Mall have an exposure area of 119 square meters through the 4 columns with a height of 4 and 4.5 meters, respectively, and a width of 1.75 meters. Due to the generous display area, the new solution comes with a dynamic and flexible media viewing experience.

The development of the digital media network, started at the end of 2017, reaches a total value of 1,500,000 euros, and includes the design and placement of digital totems on the corridors of shopping centers. They are equipped with 65” double-sided screens and are located in the points of maximum audience (access areas, hypermarkets, waiting areas or Food Court). An example of a special project is the outdoor screen from Shopping City Satu Mare with a size of 109 square meters or the new LED columns in Mega Mall.

Currently, more than 232 screens are available in 17 shopping centers in Romania that can be used to disseminate communication campaigns through a dedicated content management and personalization system.

By the end of 2020, NEPI Rockcastle will complete its media network with a digital screen in the newest shopping center opened this summer, Shopping City Targu Mureș. In the long run, over the next two years, the developer’s intention is to to complete the special digital projects in Promenada Mall Bucharest and City Park Mall Constanța.

NEPI Rockcastle is the leading investor and developer of commercial properties in Central and Eastern Europe. The company is listed on the main market of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Limited (JSE) and Euronext Amsterdam. The group has an exceptional portfolio of properties with key position in Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Lithuania, and is further developing through an expansion program in other markets in Central and Eastern Europe. NEPI Rockcastle’s culture and strategy focuses on planning, quality of execution, sustainability, ethics and early risk assessment. In Romania, NEPI Rockcastle has 20 shopping centers in the most important cities in the country.