A campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Day that invites to be aware of inequalities

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Created by Hermana and produced by Poster for MACMA, Donde Quiero
Estar and Directorio Legistativo, this piece shows the whole picture of gender inequalities involved in breast cancer detection and treatments.
Marking the occasion of the International Breast Cancer Awareness Day, Hermana, the first Argentine agency created from a gender perspective, developed the new campaign for MACMA, Donde Quiero Estar and Directorio Legislativo. The goal was to change the point of view: what if in addition to telling women to have check-ups and treatments, we ask
ourselves what are the barriers they have to face?

ADayToBeAware (#DetectemosLoDemás in the original Spanish version) is a mobilizing video co-created with breast cancer patients and former patients who shared their real stories. The process also had a special focus on incorporating female creatives and director. It was directed by Dana Campanello (Poster), with a diverse casting that included the participation of feminist activists like the plus size model Brenda Mato and actress Dolores Fonzi.

Fear, lack of self-care, beauty stereotypes, bureaucracy, and ineffective policies are some of the invisible barriers that surround early detection and the path of treatments the disease requires. “We need public policies that work on breast cancer not only as a public health issue but also as a gender issue, we believe that policy should eliminate the barriers that women have to access early and accurate diagnoses, and also to treatments, no woman
should have to face the bureaucratic difficulties that many are going through today”, says Noel Alonso Murray, executive director of Directorio Legislativo.

“This is a campaign that was done co-creating and collaborating between women and from a place of empathy. We are excited to be able to make visible the realities and stories that are not told, that many times are lost between all the slogans and pink ribbons, we do not want the same thing that happened before with International Women’s Day to happen with
breast cancer, we want this day to call us to address gender inequalities “, said Melanie Tobal, Co-Founder and ECD of Hermana.

Cintia González Oviedo, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy at Hermana, added: “When working for agencies, we found thousands of lost opportunities to create work from a gender perspective and we said… why not do it ourselves? There are many difficulties in implementing a gender perspective in the whole process of a campaign because it questions
the entire process of creation and value, but we are convinced of doing so”.
“We fight against many things more than cancer”; “They don’t have the medicine or they don’t accept the prescription”; “Not only does your breast hurt, it makes your life hurt”; “The stress of fighting for the treatment you need” are just some of the real testimonials from patients during the creation process.

From MACMA, María Paula Castillo pointed out that “the importance of this piece lies in visualizing fear in the face of the unknown, in the face of adverse diagnosis, and of death itself as a barrier… Putting oneself aside, prioritizing others and postpone it even when our health is at stake”. In this same sense, Vicky Viel Temperley from Fundación Donde Quiero
Estar said that “hundreds of patients come to the Foundation with a prescription and a denial of their treatment, or disoriented in the process of accessing it. We work to reduce their anxiety and accompany them on their journey within the health system, which has times very different from those required by the disease. Access or continue with an oncological
treatment should not have any bureaucratic obstacle”.

ADayToBeAware will be available on the social networks of the three organizations.

Client: Donde Quiero Estar • MACMA • Directorio Legislativo
Agency: Hermana
Title: “A Day to be Aware”
Co-founder and Head of Strategy: Cintia González Oviedo
Co-founder and Executive Creative Director: Melanie Tobal
Copywriter: Elizabeth Stellavato
Art Director: Mariela Pettinati in collaboration with Publicitarias.org
Production Company: Poster
Director: Dana Campanello
Executive Producers: Mariano Echarri and China Pla
Attend Director: Paulina Dana
Director of Photography: Santiago Cantillo
Art Director: Magdalena Peralta
Costumes: Greta Ure
Postproduction Coordination: Lucía Lamboley
Editor: Daniela Medina Silva
Soundtrack: Papamusic
Mix: Papapost
Color Correction: Daniela Medina Silva and Santiago Cantillo
Client: Victoria Viel Temperely (Donde Quiero Estar), María Paula Castillo (MACMA) and Mercedes de los Santos (Directorio Legislativo).