HAMLET Sign Award Winning Comedy Director Sebastien Petretti

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International production company, HAMLET have signed comedy director Sebastien Petretti to their roster for European and Asian representation.

A Belgian director with a reel of international work which speaks to a worldwide audience, Sebastien has created campaigns with major global brands such as Samsung, Durex and Google. 

Taking his inspiration from life’s little idiosyncrasies, Sebastien likes to observe the beautiful and sometimes ugly elements of human behaviour and delicately applies them to his ideas and concepts, which are very apparent in his work. 

HAMLET co-founder and Executive Producer Jason Felstead said:

“We have been following Sebastien’s career for some time now, and he has continuously created outstanding work.  His persona is very charismatic, and we believe that Seb will add a new dimension of subtle and well-crafted comedy to our work.”

Sebastien added:

“HAMLET is a solid company with a soul that I identify with and signing to them felt natural when we talked. My aim as a director is to be pushed and challenged towards making quality work and I think HAMLET have what it takes to evolve my creative world in the direction which I want it to move in: subtle, dry comedy storytelling with a touch of drama!”

He has also won an impressive fifteen short film awards for ‘Make Aliens Dance’ and another twelve for ‘State of Emergency Motherfucker’.

HAMLET is an international production company for branded film and video content. Founded in 2015 by Executive Producers Ruben Goots and Jason Felstead, HAMLET quickly grew to be a global presence in the advertising industry and operates out of Brussels, Berlin and most recently Shanghai.

HAMLET represents a well-known, award winning roster of Directors to create best in class campaigns with the world’s leading agencies and top brands.