The Globalworth Foundation finances the 1st crowdfunding platform, developed by Narada for teachers from Romania

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The Globalworth Foundation donated 30,000 euros to the Narada association for the first online platform that gathers, in real time, the needs of teachers and pupils from Romania, generated by the pandemic context.

According to the latest data provided by, over 7,1000 schools and kindergartens are already in the red and yellow scenarios in Romania, which requires exclusively digital education. In this context, the Globalworth Foundation and Narada launched the first platform, in which the teachers can draw attention to the challenges and needs they have in order to fit for digital education. There was a strong need for fostering a high-performing digital platform to gather all the crowdfunding projects in education, a platform where these projects can be seen, understood and supported by the communities, mobilizing people and companies to facilitate educational access for pupils.

The crowdfunding platform has a very clear aim: to assist at least 10,000 pupils and 100 teachers. They could report tech needs such as digital equipment for classrooms, connectivity access, online catalogs and online security software, tech training for teachers, S.T.E.M. technology. After that, teachers can launch their own fundraising projects in which they can mobilize their local communities, but not only, to join this mission.

”One of the benefits of this platform is that the moment we see the financial effort and validation of their local communities, our team takes over and support the project. To support them, we collect devices from our donors, refurbish them and then deliver them to the teachers. All this process is supported by our volunteers’ network in the space provided by the Globalworth Foundation”, declared Andra Munteanu, co-founder Narada.

With the same goal – to help digitalize schools in Romania – Globalworth Foundation provided Narada with a hub, a safe space where reconditioning and delivering tech equipment to the schools can be faster, more efficiently and in much safer conditions.

“Technology is one of the main pillars on which the Globalworth Foundation was founded, so we wanted this pillar to be used in high-needs areas. Education is the basis of society, so we focused on finding a quick solution to integrate technology in the educational environment. Together with our partner, Narada, we thought of this action plan for accessible digital education the development of digital skills for the teachers. The pandemic is still here and its effects will remain among us for a long time, so we rely on the solidarity of communities because we all have the same stake: to take a few steps towards the technological future we dream of in the Romanian education system “, added Georgiana Iliescu, Executive Director of the Globalworth Foundation.

The Globalworth Foundation was established in 2018 by Globalworth, the leader of office building market in Romania and Poland, and it is a non-profit entity, as it is independent of the commercial activity of the group. The mission of this foundation is the development of projects on three main pillars: people, places, and technology.

Starting from the idea that the future of any society is represented by the young generations, the foundation focuses on the care for people, which can be supported through educational programs and projects that can improve access to high-quality medical services, regardless of social class. Initiatives that aim to build places and develop urban communities where people can meet, interact, and find solutions for the disabled are just as important. Additionally, the Globalworth Foundation believes in the positive impact of projects which integrate technology, such as incubators dedicated to young people, and supports financing of innovation which can lead to bringing people together, among other things.

NARADA is a community of entrepreneurs, leaders, people whose action is to provide effective and fast solutions to digitalize education. NARADA is an organization born under the umbrella of the Romanian Business Leaders Foundation ( in order to accelerate innovation in education. NARADA connects the projects of teachers in the public system with the business environment and vice versa. In other words, # 1 encourages and helps teachers to create innovative projects that can solve students’ problems, # 2 brings teachers’ projects to the attention of the business community. # 3 oversees the implementation of solutions, measures results and multiplies projects that have worked.