Reveal Marketing Research study: More than half of Romanians read online news publications when using the Internet


Reveal Marketing Research conducted a study on Romanians’ online behaviour showing what are their main activities on the Internet, during a week.

  • Scrolling through social media applications is the most frequent online activity during a week with 83% of Romanians mentioning this option.
  • 73% of respondents mention e-mail as one of the main online activities during a regular week.
  • More than half of Romanians (55%) read online news publications when using the Internet.
  • 43% of Romanians say they have been shopping online in the last week.

Romanians’ Top Online Activities

Spending time on social media is one of the most frequent activities mentioned by 83% of Romanians. The percentages for the usage of social media remain high for all of the analysed segments: from young professionals (89%) to retired seniors (82%).

According to Reveal Marketing Research data, news publications (websites, magazines, newspapers) are also preferred by 76% of retirees, along with 60% of single adults. Any question can be answered by searching the internet. Everything is only a click away. Therefore, it is understandable why Romanians admit that they constantly engage in this practice.

Checking and sending emails is another common activity over the course of a week, with 83% of young professionals choosing this option.

Working from home or studying are carried out on the internet by 26% of Romanians.

Entertainment and Leisure Time

Entertainment activities is among the options mentioned by respondents. According to Reveal Marketing Research, young people, followed by modern families, listen to music when they use the Internet. 69% of millennials and 61% of young professionals say they listen to music on the Internet, and 59% of modern families do the same over the course of a week. Although retired seniors have a lower percentage when it comes to listening to music while on the Internet, compared to the abovementioned segments, we still notice that 4 out of 10 retirees do so. In the case of retirees, we see an openness in using online media.

Watching movies, TV shows or video streaming channels are among the recurring activities of Romanians on the Internet. Millennials and young professionals have mostly checked these options when asked what they do online (61% and 73%, respectively). Traditional families have a lower percentage in this regard – 39%.

Given the context of COVID-19, we notice that over half of millennials make video or voice calls on the Internet. Social relationships are important, especially during this period, thus the Internet allows them to keep in touch with their closest ones.

Hobbies and Personal Development

More than a third of millennials attend paid or free online courses. They seem to be the most concerned about personal development through digital platforms, compared to the rest of the segments. The rest of the sample has scored low percentages in this regard. Only 11% of modern families and 5% of traditional families say they use the Internet for such courses. Similarly, only 4% of retired seniors have this online activity.Instead, almost a quarter of single adults attend online courses.

1 in 4 millennials searches the Internet to document about his passions. Similarly, about a third of modern families do the same. Interestingly, 41% of retired seniors are, at the same, preoccupied with their hobbies and therefore, use online platforms to gather information about those interests.

Online Transactions

Almost half of respondents (45%) declared they pay bills or other expenses on the Internet. Interestingly, more than half of retired seniors (54%) opted for online payments when asked what their online activities were in the last week. Similarly, modern families (52%) and single adults (51%) admit they made online payments in the last week.

Mobile banking applications are mostly used by young professionals (45%) and modern families (48%).

Although Black Friday sales haven’t started yet,43% of Romanians say they have been shopping online in the last week.

Reveal Marketing Research is a market research company, with a team specialized in marketing research, sociological studies, customer insight, business strategy, market development.

The method was CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) and 1017 online interviews, were conducted with respondents over the age of 18, on a nationally representative urban and rural sample between 21-25 September 2020. Sampling error: +/- 3%. Trust level: 95%.