Samsung and The Museum of Recent Art Bucharest launches the exhibition #NoteToFrame


Samsung Romania, in partnership Muzeul de Arta Recenta Bucuresti (Museum of Recent Art Bucharest), announces the launch of the exhibition #NoteToFrame, that can be visited starting today, November 13th, until November 27th. Moreover, the museum will organize on Saturday, November 14th, The Museums’ Night, with a virtual tour that will include the exhibition #NoteToFrame.

The exhibition is part of the campaign with the same name that started in October and that proposed itself to show how technology can facilitate everybody’s access to art, by inviting the users to express their creativity.

Starting two star products launched in 2020 – Galaxy Note20 and The Frame TV, but also from the affinity that their users have towards the arts, Samsung access to the arts’ passionate people to the best manner of creating a paintings’ gallery in their own home. Anyone can create an art work, in his / her own style, with the help of Galaxy Note20 (and its S Pen), that can afterwards exhibit as a digital painting on The Frame TV.

From this example, on the official Samsung Romania Instagram account was launched a contest meant to challenge the users be as creative as possible and to combine elements in order to have their own artistic work. With the help of the pictures created by Christina One, Samsung ambassador and campaign’s official photographer, as well as the pre-designed gifs done by the illustrators Livia Falcaru, Daia Grigore and Paula Rusu, with Galaxy Note20’s S Pen, the users could create their own art work and share it on their Instagram profile (using the campaign’s official hashtag, alongside the tag towards the page Samsung Romania), for a chance of exhibiting him / her work at the Museum of Recent Art Bucharest.

Later, the jury formed of a Samsung representative, a MARe representative and the photographer Christina One, gave marks depending on the users’ creativity. In total there were almost 160 works that entered the judging stage and the best 10 won the opportunity of exhibiting in the Museum of Recent Art Bucharest.

#NoteToFrame is a special edition because it shows beautifully how art and technology combine. We live in a period of time when art is there for everybody and the social media and latest generation Samsung technology democratized the creative process. The exposed works carried the imprint of the latest available technologies and represents the result of the collective effort done by the illustrators that created the gifs, the campaign’s official photographer, Christina One and, not in the last place, the suers’ creativity,” said Simona Panait, marketing director Samsung Romania & Bulgaria.

In a certain sense, the art is already an augmented or virtual reality. The art is technology, both through the materials and the used techniques, but especially through the fact that it challenges us to travel, sometimes brutal, in spaces that the artists themselves used in the act of the creation. Most of the times we are unprepared for this type of travels. Obviously, in order to “get across”, in order to “go through” an art work, the viewer’s physical presence is an underlying condition. And this isn’t always possible and then the access, the contact, is done through the means of reproductions, recordings or live transmissions. Moment in which the contemporary technology gets an extremely important role: will it scramble this experience? Will it alter it? Or, out of the contrary, intermediate with discretion the meeting between the art object and the viewer? The experience and collaboration with Samsung demonstrated us that the quality technology has the power- sometimes frightening – of transposing us, or “teleporting” us in space and time, by building around us and, especially, in our hearts a reality that otherwise would remain distant and intangible for those who aren’t able to come to MARe. The Samsung technology was, if we want, the “portal” through which our capacity of being seen and heard, on short, of being, came out of constraints that seemed unavoidable,” said Silviu Dancu, PR MARe.

The Frame is a design object in itself that functions as a TV when it’s on and as an art object when it’s turned off. This offers the possibility of having one’s private art gallery at home. The exhibition #NoteToFrame can be seen inside the museum, as well as outside – the TVs are places in order for them to be viewable by the bystanders as well. The virtual tour can be accessed on the museum’s Facebook page.