Fepra International, in partnership with R-CREATE, develops the first dedicated digital platform for circular economy

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Fepra International, one of the leading organizations for the transfer of responsibilities in the field of packaging, and the local start-up R-CREATE, a team of professionals who aim to significantly reduce pollution and waste using the principles of circular economy, announces the launch of a strategic partnership for development and widespread application of circular economy solutions.

The partnership starts in December this year and it will develop a common digital circular economy platform, which ensures the tracking and efficiency of resources in logistics flows, communication campaigns to promote the benefits of ecological and sustainable consumption, and the development of a reuse type service by R-CREATE, customized for FEPRA customers. The digital platform will provide solutions to reduce the impact on the environment for both companies and individuals who want to adopt responsible behaviours and reduce their carbon footprint.

The objective of the platform is to stimulate the paradigm shift in the local and global economy by moving from a consumer society to a responsible society in allocating and using resources, with the help of measures and solutions for reuse and reduction of packaging.

“As trendsetters in the packaging waste market, we have an additional responsibility to protect the environment and encourage sustainable consumption, so we are pleased to lay the groundwork for a strategic partnership with R-CREATE to develop a common digital circular economy platform. We believe that in the field of recycling and reuse we need as many such innovative initiatives as possible, which have the potential to bring about change at the societal level. At the same time, the collaboration with R-CREATE represents a natural development in the evolution of our service portfolio, which will now include reuse solutions for the packaging placed on the market by Romanian producers and importers”, said Ionuț Georgescu, General Manager FEPRA

Considering the legislative changes context at European level, by defining rules and penalties aimed at reducing the production of disposable packaging and promoting reusable solutions, the FEPRA – R-CREATE partnership opens new horizons for the Romanian market and significantly contributes to its transition to a circular economy.

“Through the FEPRA & R-CREATE association, we are taking a step forward in the direction of circular economy, which is the area where the next economic paradigm shift will come from in the coming years. Consumer interest on the one hand, but also the increasingly stringent constraints brought by the European Union to limit the effects on the environment, put more and more pressure, accelerating the transition to sustainable processes. FEPRA is a pioneer in this regard, and we want to complement the range of solutions available for the business environment with our digital solutions, which encourage reuse processes,” said Linda Vasilescu, R-CREATE founder.

FEPRA International is a joint stock company that takes over the packaging responsibility obligations from producers and importers that introduce packaging and packaging waste on the Romanian market, in order to fulfil their legal obligations for recycling and recovery.

The extended producer responsibility system is the way in which Romania wants to achieve the country targets assumed by signing the treaty of accession to the European Union.

R-CREATE is the eco-friendly packaging solution, created especially for online merchants, through which disposable packaging used for deliveries is replaced with a returnable and reusable packaging.

The idea was born at the Impact Hub Vienna, as a research project on a circular economy solution that has a truly environmentally relevant effect.

The people behind R-CREATE are a team of professionals with experience in strategic consulting, logistics, marketing, digital growth, and scientific research in materials physics. The R-CREATE team includes Linda Vasilescu and Adina Humă, both founders.