Virtual Thought Leadership Forum for Sell-Side Partners from Project Agora

Business, Digital & Media, Events, Marketing

Project Agora will be hosting “The Publisher Sessions” on 19th November, a by-invitation, virtual thought leadership forum for sell-side partners.

This first in a new series of events will bring together digital content brands with leading international experts in their respective field. 

Project Agora partners will have the opportunity to hear from global advertising brands, such as The Coca-Cola Company, premium publishing brands, such as El País, and leading trade bodies, such as IAB Europe, garnering insights on emerging trends, new practices and key developments in supply monetization. 

Barbara Sala, CEE Strategic Connections & Media Director at The Coca-Cola Company, Pablo Delgado, Product Director at PRISA NOTICIAS, Filip Sedefov, Legal Director, Privacy at IAB Europe & Patrick Verdon, Technical Director at IAB Europe, will be sharing their point of view and valuable industry insight.

The agenda also includes discussion and debate from prominent local publishers across CEEMEA, as well as an overview of Project Agora’s latest offering and near future plans. 

Host: Marilena Manatou, Customer Success Director, Project Agora 

Moderator: Constantine Kamaras, Project Lead / Best Practices Program, Online Publishers Association (OPA) Europe