YOXO joins 2Performant

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YOXO, the 100% digital mobile subscription, with no contractual limitations, which is offering money back for unused net traffic and which you can reconfigure every month, has just joined the 2Performant affiliate marketing platform.

The YOXO and 2Performant development teams have collaborated to implement tracking within the YOXO application so that affiliates can be rewarded for each client sent who validates their card in the application.

Upon this launch in 2Performant, affiliates who promote YOXO will receive additional bonuses:

  • Doubled commission until the end of the year
  • 100 euros bonus for the publication of an article (applies to blogs/sites registering at least 1000 unique visitors/month in terms of traffic)
  • Contest! Top 5 affiliates by the number of commissions generated by the end of the year will receive 500 euros each

YOXO is a new product in the telecommunications market. A 100% digital subscription that is purchased and administered exclusively from a dedicated application. Thus, we believe that it is a product well-suited to an affiliate program. Together with the affiliates, we’re hoping to sequentially increase and develop the commission tiers”, says Ioana Acsinia, Online Marketing Manager for the YOXO team.

Costin Cadelcu, Account Director at 2Performant, said:

Just as YOXO is democratizing the Internet, 2Performant is democratizing marketing. It is, therefore, a natural and fitting partnership between our brands, and we are convinced that together we will obtain excellent results, with the help of affiliates”.

Who are the affiliates? From general or commercial content sites (publishing, blogging, dedicated projects), niche or not, to PayPerClick specialists (Google & Facebook Ads), publishers (newspapers, televisions, online publications, etc.), specialists or e-mail marketing companies, cashback projects, product aggregators on a certain industry or price comparators and shopping communities on Facebook, affiliates function as an extended marketing team contributing to the sales of companies on the 2Performant affiliate marketing platform. For many affiliates, this type of work can even become a lifestyle, because a good Internet connection, coupled with inspiration and engagement, can earn them a flexible income, wherever they are from.

Affiliate marketing is the transparent way in which an online brand and those who can send potential customers to its website, through various forms of online advertising, can collaborate, with the latter receiving a commission in return, for sales generated. Today, over 1,000 brands actively use affiliate marketing in Romania, 600 of which through the platform developed and operated by 2Performant, a company using proprietary technology in this space. From big brands like Orange, Vivre, Cărturești, Answear, to smaller and very niche companies, they all collaborate with thousands of affiliates, thus gaining additional exposure and sales for their business (affiliate marketing can increase online brand sales by 2-20%, depending on business size and type).

A recent analysis by 2Performant showed that affiliates on the platform earned 242 thousand euros in the Black Friday week, generating sales worth 4.35 million euros for brands with active affiliate programs. In the last 3 months, for every euro invested in affiliate marketing, the brands on the 2Performant platform have earned 16.93 euros.

What is YOXO?

YOXO is a flexible online subscription that can be reconfigured every month, provided by Orange Romania and operating in the Orange network. The subscription is available exclusively in the dedicated mobile application, for iOS, AppGallery, or Android, for any Prepay card number or subscriptions outside the contractual period in the Orange network or for a new YOXO number.

Available exclusively online, YOXO has no contractual period and offers you your money back for the unused Internet traffic at the end of the month.

Client benefits:

  • You have a 30-day subscription, which you close whenever you want
  • You can manage everything from your mobile phone
  • You choose how much Internet traffic you need monthly and you get your money back on what you do not use
  • You can choose the Roaming in the EEA option whenever you want
  • You have unlimited national minutes and SMSs
  • You have full costs transparency

How can you make money promoting YOXO?

  • If you have an affiliate account in 2Performant, apply to the Orange affiliate program. If you are already registered, you will find the YOXO promotion instructions in the affiliate program description and the message sent on November 26th.
  • If you are good at online marketing and sales, have a blog/vlog/site, know PPC, have an online community (i.e. Facebook group or social media profile with a medium/large audience), send a newsletter regularly, etc., you can to create an affiliate account in 2Performant (it’s free and only takes a minute) and apply to the Orange affiliate program. Once you have been accepted, you can start promoting YOXO on your channels and earn commissions for each client who validates their card in the application.

2Performant is a Romanian technology company that develops, operates, and monetizes 2Performant.com – an integrated affiliate and influencer marketing platform. Through this platform, businesses can call on partners, affiliates, and influencers, with whom they can work through the two collaboration models available at the moment: affiliate marketing and influencer marketing. According to company data, 2Performant is the largest local source of traffic for Romanian online stores, generating about 4.5 million monthly clicks for clients in their portfolio.

With a 12-year activity, the company is the one that launched Romania’s first affiliate marketing network, under the name 2Parale.ro. Three years later, it entered the Bulgarian market. In 2016, the platform and all operations migrate to 2Performant.com, a new technical solution and a new mode of operation with an emphasis on self-service and prepay as a payment solution. So far, the company has invested over 1 million euros in technology to increase performance, streamline processes, launch an influencer marketing platform, and improve the user experience (UX & UI).

With a unique vision for the uberization of marketing based on performance and transparency, over its years of activity, and through its affiliate marketing platform, 2Performant has managed to broker sales worth over 226 million euros, through more than 423 million clicks, for over 600 Romanian and regional eCommerce players, from over 30 industries.