Half Million Euro investment for Hyperhuman start-up

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Romanian start-up Hyperhuman received an half million euro investment to create a digital platform to publish and monetize content for fitness industry. The financing round was lead by EGV, with participation from Sparking Capital amd Simple Capital. DLA Piper team provided the legal assistance for the transaction.

The new paradigm of “training anywhere and at any time” generated a new wave of fitness products, both hardware and software. A huge demnand for digital content was created, but this type of content remains difficult and expensive to produce. The impact is felt fully by the fitness products, as the lack of customization and of diversity translates into loosing clients.

Bogdan Predușcă, CEO și co-fondator la Hyperhuman
Bogdan Predușcă, CEO & co-founder Hyperhuman

“Dan, David and I faced those challenges during the last few years, both as fitness afficionados and through our experience at Fitbit, Vector Watch and getFittter. Our video AI tech solves this difficult problem for the industry.”, says Bogdan Predușcă, CEO and co-founder Hyperhuman.

Hyperhuman helps fitness trainers to create quality video trainings in just a few minutes, considerably simplifying the process of content production and editing.

With Hyperhuman, trainers are taping short videoclips with the main moves, while AI genertes automatically the video trainings and social media teasers. The product is now in beta stage, with access for a limited number of trainers. The launch of the public version is scheduled to take place this spring.

“We are helping trainers to excell in their field by creating and distributing quality content and we promise them the product will permanently have also a free version. This year, we aim for Hyperhuman to become an unreplaceable product for fitness trainers and an important player within the industry. We are happy to announce we finalized a first financing round, lead by Early Game Ventures, to which Sparking Capital amd Simple Capital joined and which will help us to redefine the way fitness product is produced, customized and monetized. The investment supports the creation and expansion of our AI technology, the product launch and reaching a criticall users mass.” adds Bogdan Predușcă.

Dan Călugăreanu – partener EGV: “2021 will be a booming year for fitness apps. At EGV, we saw a multitude of apps from several startups, but now we found huge differentiators to invest: a super-professional team lead by Bogdan Predușcă and a new approach based on understandng and shaping the video content with AI help. How could you not join the project?”

Bogdan Predușcă was product leader Fitbit and is trainer with over 17 experience in tech. He is joined at Hyperhuman by David Teodorescu, former design lead Fitibit and Dan Nica, former group product manager for a fintech company and who, in the past, co-founded getFittter together with Bogdan.