Adverty, collaboration with Oracle Moat to enhance measurement across its in-game advertising platform

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Leading in-game advertising platform, Adverty, today announced a collaboration with Oracle Moat, to provide enhanced measurement and verification for in-game ad traffic and impressions. Oracle Moat’s iconic verification solution will give publishers, agencies and advertisers access to trusted third-party measurement for in-game ad campaigns.

Adverty’s mission is to deliver seamless advertising which connects brands and audiences through its revolutionary technology, built specifically for gaming, at a time when more than three billion people around the world play video games regularly.

Tobias Knutsson, CEO of Adverty explains: “We are delighted to announce this collaboration with Oracle Moat at a time when third-party measurement is more essential than ever for building effective media strategies, growing industry confidence, and fostering trust and understanding when it comes to burgeoning in-game media environments. Oracle Moat is a world leader in measurement and by working together we can help ensure that our solutions give advertisers the confidence they need to invest in this increasingly important channel.”

With an ever-increasing number of advertisers looking for in-game advertising at scale, in a largely untapped but hugely exciting media frontier, this collaboration will help inform buying decisions and empower advertisers.

Mark Kopera, Head of Product for Oracle Moat, says: “As in-game advertising expands across the media mix, so does the need for advertisers to understand key indicators of media quality and detect any fraudulent activity inside games. We’re excited to join efforts with Adverty to give advertisers the tools they need to make more informed, data-driven decisions, and reach valuable audiences across this increasingly important media channel.”

Today’s announcement is a key milestone in Adverty’s commitment to create the most trustworthy in-game platform for brands, advertisers and game developers, and will give more brands the confidence they need in order to invest in in-game advertising and to unlock previously unreachable audiences.

“At Adverty, our number one priority is ensuring that in-game advertising is brand-safe, unobtrusive and immersive. We look forward to continuing to create amazing in-game advertising experiences with our partners,” adds Knutsson.