Betfair supports live emotions and decisions in a new campaign signed by Mercury360


To football lovers, June is like a breath of fresh air after a tough year: international football is back with those beautiful matches that leave us breathless and keep us talking long after they are over. Betfair knows how special live moments are and has created around them a new image campaign signed by Mercury360.

The communication strategy launched at the beginning of the year is founded on the mix of adrenaline and control offered by the Betfair in-play betting platform to those who share the passion. In the context of the European championship that occurs in the summer of 2021, this mix comes back with a new interpretation.

What are live matches all about, to Betfair? They’re about moments of unique beauty, as you live the same emotions in sync with millions of people from all over the world. At the same time, they offer the chance to make decisions that are only yours. With Betfair, you have the same unrepeatable moment to make decisions and play your own game around the game. It means you are part of something bigger, while staying your own person.

Challenge: fitting in while standing out

In a period when commercial breaks are dominated by dynamic stadium scenes, spectacular kicks and goals, supporters celebrating from their sofas, the challenge is to stand out through fresh and memorable executions.

The solution? A minimalist approach that conveys the fact that, in the live moment, there is nothing else than the emotion you share with other supporters and the decision you make alone, in your inner world.

The TVC describes the universe of the bettor during an international match and takes us from the exterior world, dominated by emotion, to the interior world dominated by the tension of making the right decisions at the right time.

We are really proud about this new campaign as it continues the momentum to achieve our ambition of owning ‘In-Play’ in the Romanian market. Our challenge to Mercury 360 was to cut through the noise, clutter and deliver a premium campaign that delivers impact and drives brand recognition. The process was a real collaboration and creative partnership, we can’t wait to see how it evolves.,” said Kim Daly – Managing Director of Marketing, Betfair International. 

The live emotion goes beyond TV

The story of live emotions and decision extends online, on the radio and outdoors, via executions that place the live moment at the border between the outside world of supporters and the inner world of the bettor: decisive moments seen through the bettor’s eye, as well as glimpses of collective emotion. 

“When we set out for the first Betfair pitch at the end of last year, a very uncertain year, we bet on the courage of developing a 100% local communication strategy for a well-established international brand and we were thrilled to encounter the same boldness in the marketing team on the other side! We are proud to keep building the image of Betfair in Romania and to contribute to the success of the brand”, said Mihaela Bourceanu – Client Service & Strategy Director.

“The first challenge and the reason behind the campaign was the need to communicate during Euro 2020. It was clear to us that most brands in and out of the category will communicate football and Euro during this time and we would risk getting lost in the football TVC clutter. So our solution was to put the bettor’s emotion first, to dramatize the moment of the decision and the joy of success, thus making football only the vehicle that facilitates these emotions. Moreover, we had a tight deadline, a 50% remote team, professionals in 5 countries, complex production and postproduction, but with a proactive client-agency-production house trio we overcame every challenge and we are proud of the result.”, added Mădălina Gheorghe – Senior Account Manager.

Team Betfair:

Alexandra Dragoș – Marketing Manager

Martin Dyhouse – Head of Advertising (Betfair International)

Siobhan Monaghan – Senior Brand Marketing Planning & Project Manager

Sergiu Suciu – Marketing Executive

James Gilbert – Head of International Marketing

Kimberley Daly – MD of International Marketing

Team Mercury360:

Mădălina Gheorghe – Senior Account Manager

Alexandru Neculae – Senior Art Director

Camelia Grad – Senior Copywriter

Liviu Țurcanu – Creative Director

Mihaela Bourceanu – Client Service & Strategy Director

Team RambunctiousTV:

Laurence Glover – Executive Producer

Pete Connor – Producer

Hermann Meingast – Line producer

Julien Zenier – Director

Ionuț Macri – Photographer