Dacia hands its Social Media to French Heaven

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Following a bidding process, automobile constructor Dacia appointed heaven to conceive and deploy their Social Media strategy to its 35 main markets.

Heaven’s mission for Dacia will include the establishment of international monitoring as well as also the conception and orchestration of all the Social Media production via a Content Factory. 

This collaboration comes at a moment when Dacia is embarking on a major transformation in its history: new visual identity, new brand territory, new languages and new graphic codes.

Sophie Noël & Arthur Kannas, heaven CEO’s.

“We are particularly honored to partner with Dacia in this strategic move at the very beginning of this new story. The agency’s talents have already been mobilized with Dacia with this new brand platform. This offers us a field of modern possibilities that are particularly in line with Social Media codes and practices.”

Heaven is a next-generation advertising agency, relying on knowledge of new digital and social behaviors to design and deploy innovative and effective campaigns and strategies on a local or international scale to take part in the user’s conversations.

Since 2017, Heaven is the proud creator of “Born Social”, the first annual benchmark barometer on the evolution of Next Gen behaviors of under 13’s. To conceive and deliver these campaigns, heaven is structured around several domains of expertise: Influence, Social, Brand Content, Media, UX, Creative Tech and Studies that all nourish the advertising creation.

heaven.paris is also a part of the Hopscotch group and counts among their active clients brands like Danone, Deliveroo, Nina Ricci, Disney and Glenmorangie. The agency is directed by Arthur Kannas and Sophie Noël and has a team of 70 collaborators.

Dacia is a Renault Group brand, present in 44 countries, mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Born in Romania in 1968, the brand was purchased by Renault Group and re-launched in 2004 with Logan. Dacia offers the best value for money on the market. Having leveraged its iconic models – Logan, Sandero, and Duster – the brand has been a commercial success. To date, Dacia has sold more than 7 million vehicles.