Cetelem uses DRUID’s conversational technology to simplify the process of updating personal data

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BNP Paribas Personal Finance Bucharest Branch has chosen a DRUID AI virtual assistant to simplify the process of updating personal data for Cetelem customers, the bank’s commercial brand.

The chatbot, available on the company’s website, provides an easy way to interact with customers and guides them to effortlessly scan ID cards in a fully-GDPR compliant process that eliminates human error. The DRUID robot extracts the necessary data by processing the documents using OCR and AI technology, then using SQL integrations to store the collected data in the business systems. The smart virtual assistant provides the bank’s internal users with conversational flows to quickly access the information collected and download detailed reports.

The periodic updating of personal data is a legal requirement for all financial institutions across Europe, in a process that traditionally is time-consuming for both the client and the bank’s employees. DRUID conversational applications now contribute significantly to streamlining business processes.

“We strive to keep our customers at the center of everything we do. In this case, we tried to take a legally mandated process and make it easier for the client, save him time, and offer an exceptional user experience. The chatbot we implemented did just that: more than 600 individual users interacted with the chatbot in the first 30 minutes of its implementation. Over 70% of Cetelem customers who have updated their data have already used the DRUID chatbot”, Miruna Senciuc, CEO BNP Personal Finance Bucuresti (Cetelem) said.

“Digitalized services are now a staple in banking and an easy way that financial institutions can provide improved, convenient services to their customer base. The chatbot we implemented for Cetelem has, in just two months, handled over 400,000 messages, having thus become the most used chatbot DRUID has ever implemented”, Liviu Drăgan, CEO al DRUID, added.