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​Food convictions fuel vegan vandalism on French butchers, havoc in the culinary land and conflict around the dining table.  

Matthieu Elkaim, CCO & joint President Ogilvy Paris.  

“At a time where people are more and more divided because of their beliefs in terms of food, we decided to look towards the French savoir-faire in all things sauce and put forth the challenge that of the 500+ iterations of French inspired sauces that exist today, not one sauce suits every food diet: meat lovers, veggies, vegan…and this one sauce needed to be invented to encourage people to make peace around the table despite their opinions”

In 2019, Ogilvy Paris with Its client INTERBEV (professionals of the Livestock and Meat sectors), launched a communications platform: “Love meat, Eat Better”, signed “Naturally Flexitarians”.

The flexitarian is the omnivore of the 21st century who chooses to eat a balanced and varied diet but is conscious to consume quality products from local and sustainable sources. Continuing In this manner, voilà! « La Sauce de la Paix » (in English, we’d say “the Peace Sauce”). The first sauce to go with everything and to please everyone’s food conviction. Invented and sautéed to perfection by the French – the gourmand snobs of sauce. 

Without further ado . . . sauce diplomacy brings peace around the table.

Credits, Ogilvy Paris 

Presidents: Matthieu Elkaim & Emmanuel Ferry
Chief Creative Officer: Matthieu Elkaim
Copywriter: Quentin Burette
Art Director: Thomas Yve
Chief Strategic Officer: Fanny Camus-Tournier
Account Directors: Hicham Ghazaoui, Romain Bruneau
Account Managers: Aurélia Suzialuk, Pierre Thienot, Lucia Landaverde
Account Assistant: Alix Van Damme
Production: Julien Sanson, Valérie Saulnier
Photographer: Aurélie Hyson 

Ogilvy Paris was named third best European agency of the decade at Cannes Lions Live 2020, with client references including: Accor, Aldi, Allianz, Ardian, Avène, Bacardi Martini, FM Logistic, Bill & and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford, IBM, Interbev, Instagram, Kéolis, La Laitière, Klorane, MediaPro, Milka, Nestlé Nutrition Infantile, Philadelphia, Stimorol, Trident, Herta, Vittel, Panzani, Perrier, Piaget, The Coca-Cola Company, Dove Hair Worldwide, UPSA. Visit us at Ogilvy.com/fr 

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