A New Frontier for Digital Billboards as Disruptor Media Buying Platform TPS Engage Enables Crypto Currency

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As the world outside of the early adopter crypto space slowly starts to learn more about digital currency and seriously consider its benefits of decentralisation, security and speed, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) market disruptor TPS Engage herald a new era for media buying by announcing they are accepting Bitcoin and eGold Cryptocurrency.

The unique ad platform which allows any advertiser (subject to strict moderation processes) to purchase programmatic digital spots at any of their 300,000 locations in 40 countries for as little as 20 cents, is bringing the use of digital currency to the advertising space paving the way for what some may say is the inevitable: the increasing growth of crypto into the mainstream.

Not only has the media platform seen a growing high demand for cryptocoin and NFT campaigns with payment in cryptocurrency, but the decentralised nature of reputable crypto currencies fits in with TPS Engage’s open and accessible vision. Because all the transactions sit on a public ledger on the blockchain, which is a fully and open transparent process, the very nature of its processes adhere to the TPS Engage brand values.  

TPS Engage is a platform born out of a simple desire to democratise digital media buying, to make iconic spaces with huge audience footfalls such as Times Square in the US, Piccadilly Circus in London and Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo accessible to all brands. No matter the company, whether Fortune 500 or start up. Each DOOH site can contextualise their messages making them totally relevant to the audience on that time or day. Powerhouse brands such as  Uber Eats, P&G, and Heineken have been early adopters (case studies on links).

The platform shields the buyer from the programmatic bidding process, enabling a quick and easy payment at the location required, for the exact time slots needed, on the exact days needed, for a price that won’t break the bank.  Traditional media buying avenues can often require a six figure budget which is a barrier to many smaller businesses, and can also lead to less creative advertising on the boards.  

Multi award winning rapper Snoop Dogg demonstrated his digital media buying prowess by using TPS Engage to advertise his latest album in April of this year and most recently Kanye West promoted his new Donda Deluxe album in spaces across five countries. PVBLIC Foundation also used the platform to promote their vaccination programme helping to spread the message of the importance of the covid vaccine, and the UN have also been involved in their ‘Don’t Choose Extinction‘ messaging.

Co founder and CEO of TPS Engage, Bogdan Savonea said: “Decentralizing everything sits at the core of TPS Engage so accepting crypto payments was the next logical step for us. Technology drives change to our industry and we aim to integrate Blockchain and Crypto into TPS and a deeper level in the future”

TPS Engage started in 2018 as an open self-service platform enabling anyone to easily advertise on almost any digital billboard in the world. The startup is connected with over 300, 000 screens in 40 countries, with its main offices in New York, Dubai, Seoul and Bucharest. Its technology allows anyone to advertise on a billboard for as little as a few cents per play, democratizing this channel for any business. Because of their ability to truly customize advertising on digital billboards, among hundreds of small and medium businesses, their client roster includes Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, TikTok, GoDaddy, Morning Brew, Uber Eats, Monster, Samsung, Picsart and more. 

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