Hans Lindkvist-Bodlund takes over as CEO @ Cloudspin

Business, ITC, Leadership / Mentorship

Cloudspin, specialized in cloud-based infrastructure and consulting / planning, joins Spin Growth Group, with Hans Lindkvist-Bodlund stepping in as the new CEO and co-owner of the company.

Hans has extensive experience of a number of managerial and leadership roles from the IT industry. The aim is now to develop Cloudspin’s offering and expand nationally.    

Hans Lindkvist-Bodlund

On his new position, Hans says:

After over 20 years at Atea in various leadership roles in sales and marketing, it feels really exciting to have the opportunity to take over the role both as a partner and CEO of Cloudspin. I come to a small company with big ambitions, part of a group that is constantly expanding. With sister companies such as Tromb and Substorm, there are a number of basic economies of scale in place – including a strong set of values ​​that I easily support, but also high competence in a number of areas, established finance function and clear policies to lean on

All employees have an important role to play in building the team. I look forward to continuing to build an inclusive corporate culture together with committed employees. The aim is also to grow the company. We start the upshift with a focus on northern Sweden before we expand nationally. Today we are 4 people in Cloudspin – the goal is to be 40 people within 2 years.     

Cloudspin offers consulting services and advice in cloud-based infrastructure, aiming to help customers to navigate a complex landscape in order to find the right choice of technology / infrastructure, but include also important aspects such as law, security, price and performance.

The company has solid technical expertise in all IT areas and its business concept is to understand the customer’s needs and find the best solutions to streamline, develop and improve, whether it’s cloud solutions or traditional IT infrastructure.