BETC brings Magic Momentum for Disneyland Paris’ 30th anniversary

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For the celebration of 30 magical years of Disneyland Paris, started on March 6th, BETC created the “Magic Momentum” film, bringing to life the magical experience of amusement park.

Produced by Wanda and Digital District, this advert that will air all over Europe features a young boy and his father watching the parade in 1992 when the park first opened its doors. Eyes filled with wonder, the kid witnessed a moment, frozen in time, that stays with him forever as a magical moment.

The camera follows the gaze of the boy and brings us to the heart of the parade, showing Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Timon, Pumba, Buzz Lightyear, Nemo, Merida, and all the way to Elsa.

Through the different characters and their universes, the viewers get through 30 years of magic in a few seconds.


  • Campaign: Magic Momentum
  • Advertiser; DISNEYLAND Paris
  • Brand Managers: Andre Delvallee, Federica Festa, Nathalie Raverat
  • Ad Agency: BETC Paris
  • Agency Managers: Anne-Laure Brunner, Marion Gondeau, Pauline Mezzadri, Amelie Damoiseaux
  • Executive Creative Director: Antoinette Beatson
  • Copywriter: Julien Deschamps
  • Art Director: Julien Schmitt
  • Assistant Copywriter: Kenza Amal
  • Music Creative Director: Adam Ghoubali
  • Strategic Planner: Juliette Ragagnon
  • Creative Traffic: Florence Bonneau, Charlotte Broyer
  • TV Producer: Clement Lesgo
  • Production Company: Wanda Productions
  • Sound Production: GUM
  • Director: Markus Walter