Minio Studio launches Creative Chaos, the first local documentary about advertising campaigns

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Minio Studio launches Creative Chaos – a short how it’s made documentary, that follows step by step the stages of building an ad campaign, from briefing to evaluation. The project involved all the participants from the campaign – the creative agency, the client, media agency, director, freelancers, influencers. 

The video documentary shows the workflow in its real form – a creative chaos with stress, often on very fast pace, with multiple feedback rounds, but also with success, valuable collaborations and plenty of know-how. The narrative follows the campaign dynamic, showing individual worries and anxieties, as well as professional knowledge about handling a large project, with many layers and plenty of people involved.

The videos focus on Minio Studio internal workflow, but it also incorporates the clients and partners, from freelancers, to media and talent. There are no actors in this project, just regular people that played an active role in the campaign development – which makes this initiative even more outstanding though its honesty and vulnerability.

Creative Chaos is the fist project of its kind on the local market. Though this production, Minio Studio plans to showcase that advertising is not just about brainstormings and cool creative ideas. Advertising is also about getting results though hard work and careful planning on multiple layers, from strategy, to AV Production, to media and trade marketing.

Ioana Mucenic, CEO Minio Studio.

„This feels very personal. I have seen it as a mix of vulnerability and professionalism. Life in advertising is full of adventures, stress and difficult interactions. But it also means working alongside amazing people, it means being creative, finding strategic solution on the spot and, in the end, enjoying the results. No matter how discipline we work, there are always new situations that require you to adapt. And one can see this in Creative Chaos, which represents us so well because we are a team of creative problem solvers”

The first case study of the series presents on the projects developed under Minio Studio leadership: TOP Snack, a succesfull project developed for Mondelēz and Macromex. With the internal code name Trio/Snackology, the campaign came with the creative challange of combining three different brands in a relevant manner (Tuc, Oreo, Philadelphia).

The Creative Chaos series will include multiple campaigns, presented in short 3-4 minutes episodes. One can watch the show on, with one new episod being launched each week.

Minio Studio is an agency specialized in strategic creativity. Launched in 2016 by Ioana Mucenic and Paul Cotor, the agency now has 21 professionals and a large ecosystem of highly specialized experts. In 2020, Minio Studio was the most awarded local independent agency. In just 3 years, the agency won over 20 awards and 24 more were short-listed. As a point of difference, Minio Studio is the only agency in the region that has its own biometric-data studio, so it can evaluate its creative work through the eyes of the consumer.